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Howdy Gargeteers!

Back from FanExpo in Toronto!  Very well organized, well-run con considering its size (huge!) and its location (smack dab in the middle of downtown Toronto!).  I (Michael) had a lovely table setup in Artist’s Alley.


Sales were slow for me, but what I lacked in selling I made up for in learning and inspiration.  Mike and Lisa Rieger, both experts in design and detail, gave my table a once-over and talked to me about “maximizing” my display to attract better attention.  Which worked– after they used their Fairy Sales Magic to move things around, sales picked up.  Cleverness!

Also, got introduced to Lar deSouza by my old friend Heather Bruton.  Every morning, Heather and I would gab about the Business of Art and Creativity and refresh each other’s inspiration; when Lar joined us on the third morning it was electric.  The exchange of ideas has me singing with energy to produce more, better and with more clarity, than ever before!

Did you know I live-reported each day of the con on social media?  That’s right– on Twitter (@Twogargs), Tumblr ( and Facebook (  But I’ve also JUST started an Instagram account specifically for Twogargs– if you were following livemike317 before the convention lease follow Twogargs ( now.

One of the results of my con-fueled inspiration is that I’ve started a Kickstarter account! ( Feel free to follow me to see what I’m up to, and WATCH THIS SPACE because Kickstarter is going to figure prominently in the Two Gargoyles’ future!

Another is that Kyle Burles and I have submitted our comic, Gloaming, to Shadowline comics for consideration as part of their line.  Wish us luck– it could mean stepping up to the big(ger) leagues!

Also, with Mike Rieger’s help, I’m going to be updating the site to better reflect the expanded direction I want to take the site in, and we’ll also be including new offerings such as webcomics for you to enjoy and keep visiting the site!  It’s all very squee-worthy, at least in my book!

redandwhitelogoAll this and the Red & White Expo in Calgary this weekend!  Kyle and I will be there!  Will you?  Sunday, SUNDAY SUNDAY! (the 13th of September)!

Remember, as our Two Gargoyles say, “Keep Looking UP!”


Calgary Expo 2015 FloorplanCome see us this weekend (INCLUDING THURSDAY!!) at the Calgary Expo!  Writer Michael McAdam (Thunder, Gloaming, Twilight Detective Agency, Diaperman, Spectrum)  and artist Jeremy Thew (Twilight Detective Agency, Diaperman, Spectrum) will be manning the table ready to sign copies of their comics!

There’s also other fun merchandise like the Superhero ABC’s, Superheroine ABC’s, Puck pucks, Gargoyles magnets and more!  Come give us a look!


Groin Products!

Can you name them all?  A, B, C...

Can you name them all? A, B, C…

Show hours are: April 16 – 4pm to 8pm, April 17 – 12pm to 8pm, April 18 – 10am to 7pm and April 19 – 10am to 5pm!  FOUR DAYS of awesomeness with Two Gargoyles Comics!


Spectrum #1

Spectrum #1: Coming soon!


SO excited to announce that I just finished writing the script for the newest title to join the Twogargs lineup: SPECTRUM!

It’s the story of a high school boy, Richie Sorensen, who has just admitted to himself that he’s gay when he also suddenly develops paranormal powers!  Double Whammy!

SPECTRUM is intended to be an exploration of perspectives on coming out, family, friends, and the rainbow of young LGBT experiences as they struggle to find their identities and their place in the world.  I’m very excited for this project, and the journey it represents to young and old alike.

Jeremy Thew will be doing the art, and if the cover at the left is any indication, the final product is going to be a shining rainbow addition to the world of gay comics.


Just to prove that there really are no new ideas under the sun, any of you remember the cuddly, kooky villain FURSONA from Diaperman #13 and #14?  He’s the guy in the bear suit.  Well, apparently he’s been moonlighting as a villain in ANT-MAN, as shown by this page spread from ANT-MAN #2!  Pretty cool, eh?  Probably angry that there’s been no new issues of Diaperman recently!

ANTMAN2015002001-col-cd7b6ANTMAN2015002002-col-dccb5 ANTMAN2015002003-col-2538c


Two Gargoyles is venturing into new territory (for us) with our upcoming project, “Spectrum.”  Written by Michael McAdam and illustrated by Jeremy Thew, Spectrum is about a young man who is coming to terms with being gay at the same time as he gains superpowers.  In the past, comics have focussed on the coming out process, the sex, or gone right for the campy fun aspect of the gay community; SPECTRUM is about introducing the reader, through the eyes of its main character Richie Sorensen, to the entire rainbow of LGBT culture.

SPECTRUM will show as much of the slice-of-life of gay teens’ struggle to understand themselves, while parallelling those struggles with the hero’s (and heroine’s!) journey to realization of their full potential.

Get out your colorful costumes, and be prepared to find your best self along the rainbow road as you join the SPECTRUM!

Spectrum Page 1 WIP

Spectrum Page 1 WIP


Nenshi Selfie

Mayor Nenshi poses with celebrity Comic Expo guests!

Wow.  The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo was such a whirlwind weekend we’re still trying to process it all!

This year it was four days instead of three; there was a definite sense from the attendees of being grateful for the extra day in order to have time to see everything!  For us exhibitors, it took some getting used to:  Many of us were zombies on the Saturday as our bodies tried to convince us it was Sunday, and yet on Sunday we felt renewed and had extra energy!

Sales were brisk, and once again Twilight Detective Agency #1 sold out, telling us that Calgary sure loves its gargoyles!

Gargoyles fridge magnets were a hit, so look for another series of them coming out soon.

Debuting at this convention was Gloaming #1, written by Michael McAdam with art by Kyle Burles!  Our first foray into the Horror genre, it was well received by the crowd— very encouraging for both writer and artist!

Thunder issues 1-4 were available with #4 being new to the Calgary crowd; we were pleased to see readers return to get their next issue fix of our half Norse God half Canuck superhero! Artist Dean Meek is always pleased to hear of fans enjoying Mister Thunder.

Taking a moment to sing the praises of Jeremy Thew, artist on TDA and so many of the Twogargs promotional materials:  Jeremy flew up from Seattle to be at the convention, and it was his first time having a print book at the table!  We noticed it led to a lot of original sketch commissions— from Friday to Sunday all he did was draw!  The man is a MACHINE.  Jeremy is available for commissions via email as well— allow us to point you towards his DeviantArt account, his Tumblr, and you can also follow him on Twitter!  Affectionately termed “Jeremonkey” (a name he gave himself), all we can say is “Go Monkey, Go!”

As ever, being surrounded by the deluge of creative people and the colourful displays was inspiring and gave us ideas for the next convention, so we could be bigger and better!  It’s always such a rejuvenation to the creative spirit to come to these shows.  Twogargs would like to thank the folks at the #calgaryexpo , and the fans and readers who came by our table, for making it all fantastically worthwhile!  Bless you all!


TwoGargs’ first horror comic, GLOAMING is now available for sale at Indyplanet!  Get the jump on the convention crowds– the comic is debuting at Calgary Comic Expo on April 25 – by surfing over to and checking out our selection! We’re very much looking forward to your feedback on the book!

While you’re at it, check out THUNDER #4, new as of March!

Gloaming #1 Gone To Press!

Gloaming 01 Cover.

Gloaming 01 Cover.

Very exciting day here at TwoGargs– our first HORROR comic, “Gloaming,” has gone to press, hopefully to arrive in time for the Calgary Comic Expo on April 24th!  Here’s an excerpt from the frontispiece of Gloaming:

“Doug Carter is a journalist on the trail of a missing person– a boy rock star named Tommy Jordan.  Only the internationally- famous Tommy isn’t exactly “missing” — he never existed.”

How does THAT grab you?  Written by Michael McAdam with art by horror expert Kyle Burles (creator of the Sideshow Tarot deck) Keep an eye out for GLOAMING on and at the Two Gargoyles table at the Calgary Comic Expo!

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