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Calgary Fan Expo 2022 is in the books– and it was a success! This was the first Expo at which I had only comics and a novel– so, books only– on my table, and I beat previous years’ sales numbers with just the books! By golly, I think that’s a success, so I do!

We premiered a lot of books at the show! THUNDER #3, MAGICKAL MISTER PUNCH #1, GLOAMING #4 and my first novel, SPECIAL PROPER MAGIC!

Mike (@hawkstonedraws) Rieger was an indispensable table partner as we were not only debuting his book, TWILIGHT DETECTIVE AGENCY: GIRLS OUT, but for keeping me on track and recording sales and bagging and boarding comics as we sold them; “division of labour,” indeed!

Each day had its ups and downs, sales-wise– Thursday and Sunday were the most consistent.

It was also great to finally see the “con folks” in real life again, instead of just online. I bought books from Caanan of Occasional Comics (Max Overacts is hilarious and hits close to home for me) and the prolific(!) GMB Chomichuk (Dead Projects is something I’ve wanted to read for a while!)

Of course, the spectre of COVID loomed over us, but many people were masked and I guess we’ll find out how we all did in about two weeks! Still, I hope that conventions are back to stay; I have greatly felt their absence in my life!

Next con for Two Gargoyles will be Vernon Comic Con in Vernon, BC on May 7! See you there!

COVID Creativity

Hey folks, an update from me regarding the COVID-19 virus: I’m at home, self-isolating. All foreseeable convention appearances have been postponed until we figure out how this whole virus thing is going to turn out.

But there’s a silver lining! More time at home means more time to create! Production continues with Thunder #3, Spectrum #2, Twilight Detective Agency #2, and the all-new Magickal Mister Punch #1, as well as the long-awaited Diaperman Meets Milk!

Also, did you know about the spin-off of TDA, “Twilight Detective Agency – GIRLS OUT?” It’s about two GIRL gargoyles on the run from their own people! Written and drawn by Mike Rieger! Check it out at!

In the meantime, please enjoy this comic about the Coronavirus written by me, illustrated by Kyle Burles (with a cameo by Mike Rieger!)

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