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punchcolorbgIt’s “Self-Promotion Sunday” here at Two Gargoyles— with Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start looking for gift ideas for family and friends!  May I present Mr. Punch, the mage from Twilight Detective Agency, for your delectation and enjoyment!  Looking devilishly handsome, Mr. Punch asks “Are you intrigued?”

If the answer is yes, he’s available as a poster, pillow, travel mug, leggings and more!  Check him out on Redbubble and order now in time for the holidays!  Also, there are great items starring other Two Gargoyles characters such as Thunder and Riverdale, be sure to give those a looksee!

And let’s not forget the great “ABC’s of Superheroes” Groins & Boobs available on Society6!

Happy Shopping, and a tip ‘o the hat to you!



calgaryredandwhiteSo you remember how I was saying I have two shows back-to-back in September?  Well, now there’s THREE.

I will be exhibiting at the Calgary Red & White Expo this weekend on Sunday, September 11th.  Details are on the website at !

It’s a one-day-only show, smaller and more intimate than the other Expo-type shows I exhibit at, but the great thing is that gives me more time to connect with fans and the fans, more time to browse without feeling hurried or rushed or intimidated by crowds.  It’s a real feel-good atmosphere for everyone and I always love being at this show!

I’m launching some new items this month, including copies of Gloaming #2, and a special convention edition of Spectrum #1!

Other new merchandise at the con will include:  Krampuspresso buttons, and a new corporate-logo button:  GARBUCKS.  That’s right, Gargoyles have taken over your local Starbucks and re-branded it.  If you like green apron coffee and supernatural creatures, you’ve simply got to stop by the Two Gargoyles table at the Expo.

And hey, remember your ABC’s– you know my Superhero Groins and Superheroine Boobs posters?  Well now, I’ve made a deck of playing cards– that’s right, playing cards– all 52 guy and gal parts now adorn a deck you can play with!

Also, don’t forget there will be scads of poster prints available as well as stickers and magnets!  Come on down and see– doors open at 10 a.m. and the show runs til 5!


Whip ItGetting all packed up for tomorrow’s one-day Red & White Expo at McMahon Stadium in Calgary.  And I’m pleased to announce Two Gargoyles will be launching seven new prints, from a new project yet to be announced– new convention season means new products, I’m happy to say!

Allow me to introduce you to The Black Whip, from the pages of Diaperman!  You don’t want to be a problem for her, because when a problem comes along…!

Come on down to the Red & White Expo tomorrow to see what other prints I’ll be unveiling!

Also, there’ll be issues of Twilight Detective Agency and Gloaming for sale, as well as the Diaperman Graphic Novel, and only at a convention can you get your comics signed by one of the creators!  (Hey– they’ll be worth something SOME day…)

You will also be able to purchase our fantastic “Garg Tract”, A Litany of Vice!  We encourage you to buy in bulk so you can leave a copy everywhere. 🙂

Post-convention, I will make a print gallery on the site so you can see what we’ve got available!

2016 is going to be very exciting, especially with your help!  Two Gargoyles is looking forward to creating more this year, getting to more shows, having a stronger presence, and getting the comics done and out there!  So I’ll be launching a Patreon very soon, and it sure would help if you could tell all your friends about it so that when it launches, it launches BIG.

Onwards and upwards!



VicewriterHey, do you Gargs know what a Chick Tract is?  They’re little paper pamphlets made (in)famous by Jack T. Chick, an evangelical, fundamentalist Christian publisher, writer, and comic book artist.  They are “equal parts hate literature and fire-and-brimstone sermonizing,” according to Robert Ito.

Which means they are AWESOME.

Chick Tracts are so infamously bad– so one-sided and crazy in their dialogue, and so unabashedly simple in their artwork– “good” people are handsome and well-kept, “evil” or “misled” people are ugly and disheveled, for instance– that one can’t help but enjoy them as utter, unabashed propaganda pieces.

Naturally, as an Indie Comics guy, it’s only natural that I would want to subvert this format for the joy and pleasure of promoting independent comics!  Namely, the Two Gargoyles line!

Thanks to Mike Rieger’s art and technical expertise, Two Gargoyles has now produced its very own “Garg Tract”– A Litany of Vice.  I’m preparing to mass-produce them for promotional purposes.  Want one?  Watch this space, and I’ll tell you how to get one of your very own!

Excitedly yours,



RivcoffeeHi, Gargeteers!

The site has been refreshed, retooled and updated!  Now you can see the latest pages of posted comics, including a snazzy thumbnail of the page; navigate instantly to any page of any uploaded comic series!  Just use the drop-down menu on the right side of the page under “Comics,” and select the series you want; then on the following page, select “Jump To” to go to any part of the comic!

The menubar has been updated with the all-new, all-important SHOP option– now Two Gargoyles merchandise is just one “gimme dat!” button away– and with Christmas coming, fun comic booky stuff is available just in time for the special someone in your life– even if it’s you!

All of this is made possible by the talents of Mike Rieger of !  Major thanks for going “under the hood” and making things work!  Mike also made the sexy, snazzy new slider graphics at the top of the home page that talk about our comics!


You may have noticed that there’s now an update schedule at Twogargs! Every Monday there will be a new page of Gloaming, every Wednesday there will be a new page of Twilight Detective Agency, and every Saturday there will be a new page of Diaperman!  This will allow our fans to stay current and have their memories refreshed for our stories, as well as inviting new readers to get to know our comics and characters.  Please, do spread the word and invite your friends to come to for FREE comics!

Occasionally we will have a “Sunday FUNday” comic, our own Twogargs-related webseries “In The Wings,” a series of behind-the-scenes gags about our characters’ lives when they’re not actually “in character” in their own comics.  The newest one is up today!

I hope you’re all having a great weekend– and happy American Thanksgiving to our friends south of the 49th parallel!

Warm wishes,






Diaperman by Derek Mah

Diaperman by Derek Mah

Hi Folks– it’s the middle of the week here at Two Gargoyles, and some housekeeping is in order!

Firstly, although I’ve set the Diaperman Graphic Novel to post one page a day on the Comics Archive page, glitches happen– and I realized it had skipped a couple of days (maybe it was tired?).  Thus, today there are THREE new pages posted of your favourite diapered superhero (And really, if you know of any other diapered superhero currently in existence, I would be very surprised).  However, if you’re tired of waiting and want to see the entire graphic novel in its entirety (including artwork and covers not included in the daily posts) it’s available (digitally and in print) via the good folks at Indyplanet!

Secondly, I’ve ordered some new items from our Redbubble store— apparently the Superboobs and Supergroins continue to be popular.  Due to demand, I’ve started experimenting with Superboob T-shirts– notably, Wonder Woman (see and follow our Instagram for photo).  Man or woman, puff out your chest proudly with super-pride!  Now, the t-shirts are currently only available through Vistaprint and are special-order items.  I’m looking into finding a good quality vendor online where you can order your own, but until I do you’ll have to email me for an order (use the Contact Us page).

Garg Magnets, Set 1

Garg Magnets, Set 1

Thirdly, if you’ve seen the Two Gargoyles table at conventions, you’ll know that we do Gargoyles Magnets— if you haven’t seen them, they’re available on our Etsy Store, there are two series of magnets available!

Finally, you may have noticed an absence of THUNDER on Two Gargoyles lately, and at conventions.  Expect news about our half-Norse, half-Canadian, Super-Polite superhero later this week!

FLASH! Ah-ahhhhh!

Flash's GroinOur newest SuperGroin, The Flash, is now up on and available for purchase!  Whether you want a flashy throw pillow, coffee mug, or art print, your favourite “red streak” can be at your house IN A FLASH!  And today,(July 20, 2015) coincidentally, Redbubble is having a sale– 20% off sitewide if you enter the code “REDTOWN.”  How’s that for synchronicity?  Woo!

Check out our other great Super Groin collections and our Super Boobs, too!  Alphabetical from A to Z!  Can you name them all?


dumbjokesDo you like dumb jokes? Do you like VISUAL dumb jokes? Then you’ve got to check out “Mike Rieger draws DUMB JOKES and he must be stopped,” or just “DUMB JOKES” for short.

Mike has long had a habit of drawing random puns, mashups, and humorous randomness for years. He was the first artist on TwoGargs’ humourous superhero series DIAPERMAN, and his wit continues to find its way into Twogargs’ scripts.

His first collection of art prints, his book “Modern Oddity,” hints at his humour but this latest art book makes it blatant. If you feel like a good laugh (and a great book that can be either a coffee table conversation starter OR a bathroom reader), check out Mike’s DUMB JOKES.

Don’t forget to visit his website, !!


Hey Folks!  Got some new products up on RedBubble— Including the first few offerings in our new SUPERHEROINE ABC’s!  We’ve got Power Girl and Wonder Woman boobs as well as your faves among the guys’ groins– Batman, Superman, and new:  WOLVERINE!

Today only, if you buy on RedBubble and use the code TREATME before 8pm, you get 20% off your order!!  As always, if we don’t have the groin or boob set from YOUR favorite superhero/ine up on the store, let us know and we’ll get that party started!

Can you name them all?  A, B, C...

Can you name them all? A, B, C…


Groin Products!

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