Diaperman Meets MILK

Diaperman and his sidekick Sleepers are transported to a parallel world in this full-colour, 48-page graphic novel! There, they meet MILK, the Diva of Dairy herself, and they must join forces to fend off demonic entities that threaten to destroy both their worlds! Adding to the chaos is Milk’s own rogue’s gallery of villains including Fatman, The Seaman and the villainous Ninja Tina!

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After two months of ostracized isolation, Hawkstone and Riverdale finally get a new case: Anne Atwood, niece of the ostentatious Sir William Wayland, has gone missing! The boys, it seems, have a kidnapping to solve!

Unfortunately, in the detective biz things are often not at all as they seem– as the mystery draws the gargoyles to a remote out-of-town location on the hunt for a missing miss who may not be as “missing” as it appears!

Writer: Michael McAdam
Pencils: Miguel Puerta
Inks: Mike Rieger
24 pp, B&W

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Tricks and Trouble in a Top Hat!
Introducing the Magickal Mister Punch, a charming rascal with a knowledge of magic and a penchant for getting himself into trouble–and out of it! Adrian Whitingham was an exceptional boy; clever, a loner, and with the extraordinary ability to move things with his mind. Then he discovered a mysterious key which would unlock his future–a future filled with wizards, magic, strange new worlds and beings from beyond!
He became Mr. Punch, a sly, grinning mage with any number of tricks up his sleeve!

Writer: Michael McAdam
Art: MJ San Juan
Colours: Marvin Marvida
24 pp, full colour

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#3: Connection

During their escape and subsequent three-month flight across Europe, the girls have wondered: what is the purpose behind the mages’ enslavement of their people? Have their adversaries noticed their absence?

Are they being hunted?

The issue title refers to Connection by Elastica

Writer: Mike Rieger
Artist: Mike Rieger
Cover: Karell Clara
32 pp, full colour

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