Diaperman Meets MILK

Diaperman and his sidekick Sleepers are transported to a parallel world in this full-colour, 48-page graphic novel! There, they meet MILK, the Diva of Dairy herself, and they must join forces to fend off demonic entities that threaten to destroy both their worlds! Adding to the chaos is Milk’s own rogue’s gallery of villains including Fatman, The Seaman and the villainous Ninja Tina!

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Diaperman: The Complete Second Series

In a volume comprised of issues 13, 14 and Spanker #1, Diaperman and Sleepers battle the Fetish Five, the newest minions of the nefarious Black Whip, meet the enigmatic-and-possibly-repressed Straight Arrow, and Spanker steps out into the spotlight only to meet the oppressive Family Force Four!

Writers: Michael McAdam, Mike Rieger
Artists: Mike Rieger, Jeremy Thew
84 pp, full colour

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Diaperman: The Complete First Series

This graphic novel is comprised of every Diaperman story from his creation to issue 12, including commentary from the writer and the artist.  Introducing the title hero and the origins of himself, his sidekick Sleepers, his archnemesis the Spanker and less-than-arch nemesis The Black Whip! Featuring mentor figure Dr. Lazarus, the motley crew plays out the drama of heroes and villains in the great city of Metropolis!

Writers: Michael McAdam, Mike Rieger
Artists: Mike Rieger, Adrian Kleinbergen, Mike Kelleher
128 pp, full colour