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#2: Bad Reputation

Veronica and Maeve have fled their home in the Czech Republic, travelling secretly across Europe to London.

Suddenly ripped from her insular gargoyle society, Maeve has been learning about the human world thanks to her more-experienced best friend–but where has Veronica gotten that experience? What has she been doing among humanity for the past twelve years?

And just what else is she capable of?

The issue title refers to Bad Reputation by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Writer: Mike Rieger
Artist: Mike Rieger
Cover: Karine Charlebois
28 pp, full colour

Sample Pages


#1: Run Baby Run

Veronica and Maeve have grown up in an underground sect of gargoyles deep in the Czech Republic, cowering within a remote mountain and living in fear of the mages who created their race.

But Veronica longs for the outside world, and feels out of place in the only home she’s ever known. However, leaving a cult can be very dangerous, especially when you’re a gargoyle!

The issue title refers to Run Baby Run by Garbage

Writer: Mike Rieger
Artist: Mike Rieger
Cover: Molly Nemecek
24 pp, full colour

Sample Pages


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