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Malcolm Bliss

The Patriarch

The leader of the Czech gargoyle society, so aged that he has literally become part of the mountain itself. Imperious and terrifying, his secret is that he is actually neither of those things and not in fact the leader at all.



Leader of the Firmament, an angelic-themed faction of the Arcana, Azrael is an insightful forward-thinker--but she didn't imagine her husband murdered by one of the gargoyles of the society she had created and kept hidden for centuries. Now she's desperately trying to keep the creature from destroying everything she's built and the rest of the world in the process.



Part gargoyle, part other gargoyle, this impressive mantaur (gargoyletaur) is more than just Some Guy. He's two Some Guys!

Crimson Hug’gee




Miss Thing

Trainer Joe





Jody Baxter is the good ol' boy mechanic in Gloaming. Always cheerful and ready to lend a hand, he is also a werewolf who defends the good townsfolk from things that go bump in the dark.


Straight Arrow

Mr. Azrael

A Firmament mage, at least eight hundred years old, sent by his wife Azrael to retrieve (or destroy) Veronica after her escape from the gargoyle mountain. A gifted tracker with energy-based magical skills.

Sara Dudenhoeffer



Professor Macready


Sean Preston


Sean Preston's life is saved when an alien being named Xanthus fuses its energy to him, resulting in the creation of a new hero, who provides the Earth with a lesson in the power of Joy.




Maeve Bancroft lived a happy life among her gargoyle people, until her chaotically uncontrollable quarter-sister Veronica got herself sentenced to death. Maeve aided Veronica's escape and found herself thrown into the larger world of humanity, magic and danger.



Mr. Kimura



Diane Reed


Artist Jeremy Thew has drawn a longboxful of Twogargs content including  TDA #1, Spectrum #1 and Diaperman #14!




Half Norse God, Half Canadian, SUPER Polite THUNDER, aka Devon Wells, is a young man living in Vancouver, recovering from a youth spent in Asgard. Then duty calls and he springs into action as a west coast Canadian super-hero, complete with best friend sidekick!


Our good friend, Dorkboy (by Damian Willcox) appears as a cameo!

Doug Carter

Doug Carter, rock and roll journalist, comes to the town of Gloaming to find Tommy Jordan, a boy everyone else claims never existed.  Doug is a dyed-in-the-wool ink-slinger from the 70s. To Doug, nothing good was made after 1979.

The Black Whip

Dental hygienist Lise Arsenique likes causing pain, and when her workplace doesn't supply enough of that she terrorizes Megopolis as the sadistic Black Whip!

The Monks of Hug'Gee

Coach Whalen

Sam Andrews

Mercy Munson


Harry Dean, aka Sleepers, is Diaperman's sidekick and bestest buddy! The always-ready-for-beddy buddy loves adventure, and being a hero while running around Megopolis in his jammies! Sleepers is a giant, excitable puppy in human form.

The Spanker

Cool, logical, but never far from a frustrated tantrum, college student Mark Richter aims to win fetish domination over Megopolis (and one day the world) by thwacking people on the bum as the villainous Spanker.


The unholy fusion of Diaperman and The Spanker, Nightwetter stalks the night, feeding on the psychic shame of people wetting their pants!


The enigmatic Korun has arrived in Thunder's life-- but to help, or to hinder?  Trying to kill him on their first encounter doesn't leave much room for doubt, and yet now he's moved in to Thunder's house to train him how to fight for something called "The War of Ascendance."  Curiouser and curiouser!


Diaperman, aka Michael Adamson, is an innocent pacifist who believes the world can be saved through peaceful intervention! But when the need arises, he can use his skills as a Monk of Hug'Gee to wallop the bad guys until they behave!



Michael, the writer/publisher of Two Gargoyles Comics, is an ADHD-enhanced Neurosparkly individual who is never happy doing just one thing. This often leads to hijinks and shenanigans as he struggles to get things done.

Doc Lazarus

Doc Lazarus is the somewhat-unwilling mentor to Diaperman and Sleepers. A kind of father figure to them both, he handles the scientific analysis while they ply their heroic trade on the streets of Megopolis!


Riverdale, "The sexy one!" one of two Gargoyle brothers who run the Twilight Detective Agency. Older but not necessarily wiser, he understands people and motivation and has excellent intuition which serves him in good stead as a detective. Oh, and his hair is FABULOUS.


The younger of the two Gargoyle brothers who run the Twilight Detective Agency, Hawkstone is the quiet, thoughtful, logical and aloof one who looms like a too-large monster in a too-small world.  He likes to read, surf the internet, and adores kittens.


The Magickal Mister Punch is a sassy British mage with a flair for the dramatic, dancing between light and shadow as he struggles to defend the balance between magic and technology in tight pants and a top hat!

Punch appears in Twilight Detective Agency #1, as well as in his own comic, The Magickal Mister Punch!