Gloaming #2

Gloaming.  A nice, peaceful little town that you can’t find unless you’re lost and seeking the truth.

Come and visit, and plan to stay– because once you’ve found yourself in Gloaming…

….you can never leave.

Doug Carter is a journalist on the trail of a missing person– a boy rock star named Tommy Jordan. Only the internationally- famous Tommy isn’t exactly missing — he never existed.

Or so everyone has told Carter.

After arriving in Gloaming, Carter sees Tommy on the grounds of the old, abandoned school; asking around town he discovers that one of Tommy’s old classmates, Max, still lives in town.

After a disturbing conversation, Carter uncovers that one Malcolm Bliss, tormentor of children, has returned to town. Perhaps this has something to do with Tommy?  On the heels of this revelation, Carter discovers his car has been sabotaged.  Looks like he’s going to be in Gloaming a little longer…

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