Half Norse God. Half Canadian. Super Polite.

Half-mortal, half Norse God, Devon Wells returns home to Canada after a youth spent in Asgard and steps onto the path to becoming a hero.

A terrorist is threatening to blow up a dam. Called to action, Devon arrives as Thunder, setting in motion a world-changing chain of events that include a villain in technological armor, old gods, magical powers, monkey-faced computer geeks and beings from other dimensions!

Thunder is an ongoing series focussing on a young man’s journey to herohood, re-acclimating to life on Midgard (Earth), and overcoming the obstacles to being whole again.

Main Characters

Half Norse God, Half Canadian, SUPER polite– that’s Thunder, the storm god who lives in Vancouver. Trying to re-integrate into the world of mortals after a long hiatus in Asgard, Thunder soon realizes that his return also heralds the return of other, older powers; and now he must try to save the world while still figuring it– and himself– out.
Code Monkey
A young comptroller for the City of Vancouver, fired unjustly from his job simply for being different. Born with a defect that makes his face resemble a monkey’s, Glenn became Code Monkey, and held Vancouver itself hostage until talked down from his rage by his favorite superhero, Thunder.
The enigmatic aggressor from another world, attacks Thunder out of nowhere…and then sticks around after his defeat. Enigmatic doesn’t quite cover it – what are his motives? Is he friend, mentor, or foe?  But he does rock a pair of Aladdin pants.
Amoral, grandstanding, so smugly superior– Templar’s big debut was ruined by the world’s first flying man, Thunder. Templar will not rest until he proves himself better than Thunder.

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  1. I was given a copy of this book by my father, it was not bad, it seemed like all the great ideas are there. The two creators just need to keep working on it and refining their craft. Good luck!

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