Welcome to Two Gargoyles Comics!

We began as a small-time publishing company — and by “small” we meant “there were two of us, hence the name,” who loved comics and wrote, drew, and published our own.

This site is the main hub for all the work we do, whether it be full-blown print comics, webcomics, one-off jokes or anything else we see fit to create.

Michael McAdam is a writer, actor and comedian who writes and conceptualizes story and script and is often running after artists saying “Hey, draw me this, please?” His love of comics led him to want to create more of the art form, living and breathing comic books at least a little every day.

Many artists contribute to this site, like Mike Rieger, Kyle Burles, and Jeremy Thew.  Their work is featured in our comics!

Together, we make stuff happen– partly just to see what we’re capable of. We also learn by doing: each story we work on not just a labour of love but also an exercise in education on the comics art form. How come school was never this fun?

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer, and hope that you’re out there creating what you love to create as well.

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