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Episode 6: The Cavity Creeps are Attacking Toothopolis

We’re getting so skilled at this podcasting thing that Michael was able to completely vanish for entire minutes and the show proceeded with nary a hitch! Just kidding; the opposite of that. And while we weren’t having bolts of electric criticism lobbed at us from the heavens, we discussed How To Get Started With Your Comic–so stop getting started with your comic and give it a listen!

Episode 5: With Reclining Bucket Seats in Rich Corinthian Leather

In which the guys reveal their recent submissions for prestigious comics awards, and discuss the merits of print comics versus digital. Joined once again by Diaperman Meets Milk artist Jeremy Thew!


New Garg Tract “THE INDIE CONSPIRACY” launched today on ! There’s a conspiracy afoot, online and in your local comic shop- and YOU need to know about it! #chicktracts #indiecomics #parody #conspiracy #gargoyles #canadiancomics #ccba

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