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Folks, I’m proud to announce the KICKSTARTER for my LGBT Superhero comic, SPECTRUM #2, is about to launch next week! Art by the fabulous Jeremy Thew! Go to and sign up to receive notifications when the page goes live! For more information about SPECTRUM, check out !

YELLOW LANTERN 2: “What is Joy?”

As a fan of DC Comics’ Green Lantern, I’ve always been fascinated by their interpretation of the colour spectrum and the emotional resonance that each colour has.

But I started to think: Since there are more than seven human emotions, surely there’s room for other interpretations of the colours? After all, the very nature of a spectrum is that there are levels– gradients of colour.

To me, Yellow is JOY. It’s a colour that sparks joy in me, and I wanted very much to make a character with a yellow power ring for whom joy was the focus.

I made the character of Yellow Lantern, a fan fiction version of DC’s Lantern mythology, to explore that. Please enjoy the second instalment of Yellow Lantern: “What is Joy?”

Episode 9: Now Free In Each Specially Marked Box

Always! Be! Comics! With that iconic line from that scene from that movie you only saw the one bit of, the guys discuss the process of marketing and promoting your brand new indie comic to the larger world. Social media! Conventions! Comic shops! It’s all studiously avoided by Mike and special guest star Jeremy Thew!

Episode 8: Recommended By 5 Out Of 9 Herpetologists

We bring on the delightful Sara Dudenhoeffer for part 3 of our How to Make Comics series: Lettering and Prepress! But before that happens we share celebrity con stories and the rear end of Mike’s dog is visible at all times.

Episode 7: For Home And Hospital Use

The boys welcome actual professional storyboard artist Karine Charlebois to share actual professional information about how to move to the storyboard phase of your indie comic, along with advice for writers about how to find artists.

Episode 6: The Cavity Creeps are Attacking Toothopolis

We’re getting so skilled at this podcasting thing that Michael was able to completely vanish for entire minutes and the show proceeded with nary a hitch! Just kidding; the opposite of that. And while we weren’t having bolts of electric criticism lobbed at us from the heavens, we discussed How To Get Started With Your Comic–so stop getting started with your comic and give it a listen!

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