Novel: Special Proper Magic

Adrian and Holly are two cousins who have never met.  However, one English summer they are introduced, and discover each other’s secrets:  Holly can see and speak to ghosts and Adrian can move things with his mind. 

On the heels of that discovery, a boy their age goes missing—and together they decide to find him, no matter what ghostly spirits may stand in their way!


“McAdam crafts a fine adventure…exploring new possibilities and connections that close some doors while opening others…Special Proper Magic is highly recommended reading for young adults looking for magical stories of connection and for libraries seeking superior leisure reads about magic, ghosts, and problem-solving…and brings with it unexpected life lessons.” –Diane Donovan, Midwest Review

“…an extremely delightful novel that quickly stole my heart …McAdam’s world-building is phenomenal. Special Proper Magic is one you won’t want to miss. I highly recommend it and can’t wait for the next book.” –Emma Megan, Reader’s Favorite

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