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Diaperman 1-32

2 thoughts on “Diaperman 1-32

  1. Oh I hope Diaperman’s lair gets an upgrade in the future. It would be so boss to see a fusion between a nursery/playroom for him and Sleepers to hangout in while having high-tech gizmos reminiscent of the Batcave. Lol, a diapercycle isn’t that crazy, I’m already coming up with a few ideas on how it could work. As for the diaper computer, a slightly better name might be the ‘Baby Monitor,’ from which Diaperman could monitor criminal activity in Megopolis. By the way, I do believe I spy a ReBoot and a Pokemon reference in the second panel. My only question then is who is that cute lil Doberman looking pup next to Sleepers?

    1. The Doberman is Spazzpup, a reference to the nickname I used to call Mike when he first started drawing Diaperman– he would get excited and draw everything, and because he was German, he chose a Doberman as his avatar.

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