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Diaperman #13 Page 2

2 thoughts on “Diaperman #13 Page 2

  1. When I first read this page I had wondered if I had missed something in between the end of volume 1 and what was in front of me, however, after a few pages in I realized Michael and Mike had decided to go the whole ‘it was all a dream route.’ While I will admit I was somewhat annoyed that I had invested a good amount of time and emotion into that story arc, I found that ultimately I felt relieved that they decided to step away from it. It didn’t feel very much of a connection to Diaperman and Sleepers being an alternative universe with different names. To me this shift back in style and storyline feels like the characters are back in their proper setting. Care to share why you guys decided to move away from the whole alternative universe arc?
    Also I’m going to post translations to all of Corporal Punishments dialogue because I’m just that nice of a guy. Feel free to correct me if I make any mistakes.
    CP: “My left shoe is filled with weasels.”

  2. I had originally done the alternate universe because Mike had stepped away from the book and I didn’t feel right about continuing to use the specific names he helped come up with for the characters. But when he returned, he told me that was silly, so we erased that and picked up from the end of the Nightwetter arc, with Diaperman in a coma.

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