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Diaperman #13 Page 5

2 thoughts on “Diaperman #13 Page 5

  1. I like it how while Diaperman is out of commission, Spanker is taking the time to build himself up as a villain. It would be too easy for him to run around like the Black Whip and simply try to exert his dominance over Megopolis. It’s like if Diaperman is not around to challenge him, then him taking over does not have any inherent value. I truly do love hero and villain dynamics where they are not just opposing forces, but they also play active roles in defining each other. On a more visual note, I’m noticing that the Essinem monk is bald like the monks of Hug’gee. Seems like in order to become a spiritual guide in this world, you need to lose your hair first.

  2. Yeah, what IS it about monks and shaving their heads??

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