Gloaming 01 Cover.

Welcome to Gloaming.

A Nice Place To Visit.

Gloaming.  A nice, peaceful little town that you can’t find unless you’re lost and seeking the truth. Come and visit, and plan to stay– because once you’ve found yourself in Gloaming…

….you can never leave.

Read Online-01Doug Carter is a journalist on the trail of a missing person– a boy rock star named Tommy Jordan.  Only the internationally- famous Tommy isn’t exactly “missing” — he never existed.

Or so everyone has told Carter.

Determined to prove that the months he spent following the career of this boy, the notes, the interviews, the photographs are all real and not products of his imagination, Carter follows Tommy’s trail to a town called Gloaming and finds more than he bargained for.

GLOAMING is brought to you from the minds of:

Michael McAdam – Story, Script, and Letters

Kyle Burles – Story, Art, and Colours