Every town has secrets. One has too many.

A determined journalist comes to the small town of Gloaming to find a missing child rock star…who never existed.

Doug Carter’s career in rock journalism led him to write a book about Tommy Jordan, a young prodigy on the music scene. Just as he’s about to publish, he’s met with denial that there was ever any such person. Determined to prove himself, he comes to the town of Gloaming for answers– but unprepared for what he’ll uncover!

Small town secrets, corruption, murder and the supernatural are all uncovered by Carter, leading inexorably down a path towards an answer to questions he does not yet know to ask.

Gloaming is an ongoing series focussing on Doug Carter’s discoveries of the hidden world contained in a small town that is everywhere and nowhere, and from which there is no escape.

Main Characters

Doug Carter
Doug Carter is a beleaguered rock-n-roll journalist who has come to the town of Gloaming to prove that boy rock star Tommy Jordan, about whom he has written an entire novel (including pictures and interviews), actually ever existed.
Jody Baxter
A former United States Marine turned mechanic who helps Carter along in his first few days in Gloaming. Oh, and he’s also a werewolf.
Max Von Hausen
The disturbing, strange man-child of Gloaming, who seems to have taken a liking to the journalist Doug Carter– for better or worse. Lives alone with his mother– but who’s controlling who?

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  1. Searia Kett Vorza

    Best damn comic I’ve ever read! Can’t wait for 2 & 3.

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