Love is Love

Love is Love is a graphic novel created in the wake of the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, as a benefit and means of support in the aftermath of that tragedy. All the writing, art, editing was donated by some of the greatest creators in the industry. All proceeds from its sales go to the victims, survivors and their families.  

I finally got my copy and read it, and it moved me to write the following:

I’m reading Love is Love and I’m crying with each page, with each story. Not because of the horror, not because of the pain, but because of the beauty.

Because of the heart in each word, in each drawing, in every colour;

Because of the overwhelming sense of belonging that each and every one of the creators involved with this book makes me feel;

Because of the strength that radiates out from these pages;

Because of the hope that this community has come together to give me.

I want to be with all of these people.  I want to be part of these creators, I want to hopefully, one day, please God if you’re listening, have something I write reach out to someone the way Love is Love has reached out to me.

We are so strong. God, so strong. Our love is incandescent, strong as a rising tide, primal; not just same-sex love, queer or “different” love, but our human love for each other, as allies to each other. 

I’m crying because Love is Love is the unmasked face of humanity at its best, at its deepest and most caring. 

I’m crying because I know that this exists in the world, because I have the proof on paper, between two covers that say Love is Love. And because I’m happy. 

We will continue to love, we will never stop dancing.  We will never stop living in truth no matter how hard it may be sometimes to find that truth.  We will never stop creating beauty.

I will never stop writing about it.

Love is Love.

—Michael Feb 3, 2017

If you would like to support Love is Love, or perhaps know someone that needs to know they aren’t alone, you can order a copy here.  

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