Coming out is a rainbow of experiences. Especially with superpowers.

Richie Sorensen is an average teen just learning about what it means to be gay.  Then one night he is enveloped by the Northern Lights and his world begins to change around him– he gains powers of light, making him both a literal and a figurative spectrum– a rainbow of colour and of life.

The government involves itself very quickly and Richie is introduced to a world of super-citizens who are trained to use their powers for the good of society.

Spectrum is an ongoing series focusing on teenage experiences with coming out, diversity, ethical and personal dilemmas that all contribute to the rainbow of experience that is life for LGBT people.

Main Characters

Richie Sorensen/Spectrum
A young man just newly in touch with his LGBT nature, Richie develops light-based superpowers after a close encounter with the Aurora Borealis. Almost immediately after he recovers, the government steps in to make him part of a young super-team!
Regina Montrose/Miss Thing
A high society debutante turned teen superhero almost against her will. With her power to influence people’s emotions, Regina is the social coordinator of the LGBT “Q Squad.”
Jamie Conroy/Mass
The youthful giant of the LGBT team, “Q Squad.” Red-headed and with an Irish lilt to his voice, Jamie is cheerful, happy to be part of the group and may just have a teensy little crush on Richie.
DeWayne Warren/Zip
Sassy, black, and all of that– and wants you to know it! Out and proud, DeWayne is the most demonstrative of the five members of the LGBT supergroup codenamed Q Squad.
Debra Clooney/Grrl
Half Irish, Half Latina, Debra is one young woman who knows what she wants- and does not suffer obstacles in her way. Liberal, environmentally aware, and hot-tempered, her shapeshifting abilities only serve to accentuate her feisty temper! You go, Grrl!
Agent Casper
The enigmatic government agent who recruits young people to The Program, which identifies and gathers young paranormals who are first manifesting their powers to train under the government’s auspices. But for what purpose? Agent Casper is less than forthcoming.