dumbjokesDo you like dumb jokes? Do you like VISUAL dumb jokes? Then you’ve got to check out “Mike Rieger draws DUMB JOKES and he must be stopped,” or just “DUMB JOKES” for short.

Mike has long had a habit of drawing random puns, mashups, and humorous randomness for years. He was the first artist on TwoGargs’ humourous superhero series DIAPERMAN, and his wit continues to find its way into Twogargs’ scripts.

His first collection of art prints, his book “Modern Oddity,” hints at his humour but this latest art book makes it blatant. If you feel like a good laugh (and a great book that can be either a coffee table conversation starter OR a bathroom reader), check out Mike’s DUMB JOKES.

Don’t forget to visit his website, mikerieger.ca !!