I found the perfect thing to drink while I #BingeWatchYJ on Netflix! #RenewYoungJustice
I found the perfect thing to drink while I #BingeWatchYJ on Netflix! #RenewYoungJustice

I’m taking off my Writer/Publisher of Two Gargoyles hat to talk about something very dear to me:  A cartoon called Young Justice.  It’s available now, on Netflix.  Apparently, NOW IS THE TIME to watch it, and KEEP watching it, in fact- -BINGE watch it.  That is how the Powers That Be track popularity.  Buying DVD’s is great, but it only counts as “one sale”, one blip on the grand screen of “look, this makes money, we should make more of it.”

However, watching #YoungJustice on #Netflix — constantly, for as long as possible– tells the movers and shakers that WE WANT MORE OF THIS.

Christopher Jones, the artist on the #YoungJustice comic, posted THIS picture recently, and it got me thinking:  Asking people to binge watch YJ is great, but we need to make it FUN, something to join in on.  So I asked Chris if he still had the Reach Bottle Logo.  He did not.  So with Mike Rieger’s sorcery and my wordy formatting, we created our OWN Reach Bottle Logo– for YOU.

Oh hang on.  We only just gettin’ this train heated up– ain’t even left the STATION yet.

Of COURSE we want  you to slam Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Telegram, EVERY social media with the hashtags #RenewYoungJustice and #KeepBingingYJ.  But why not make it fun?  So let’s all join in!


We have made a downloadable, printable sheet of Reach soft drink labels in .pdf format, that you can print at home and cut out and then tape onto a bottle of an appropriately-colored energy drink (the labels are specifically designed to fit around Glaceau’s Vitamin Water, but whatever you can make work!

IMG_0443 IMG_0445 IMG_0450

We have a downloadable square template in transparent .png format.  Those of you with the know-how can take a picture holding your REACH bottle, and overlay the template on top of it– PERFECT for adding to Instagram!!Remember to hashtag your pictures with #RenewYoungJustice and #KeepBingingYJ and most importantly, SPREAD THE WORD.  Reach out, as the Reach does, to be friends with the world!

InstagramReachpeachstrawb MichaelReach Michaelreachframe

Become a citizen of the milky way
By holding out your hand
Grab the taste that’ll make your day
When sippin’ you’ll understand

Our friends have come from far beyond
To help us, and to teach
Quench your thirst while we all bond
Don’t wait- reach for a Reach!

Yeah, in Strawberry Mango or in Peach!

Reach for a Reach!

From LexCorp— and the Reach!*

*Reach jingle ©DC Entertainment