Twilight Detective Agency

Magic, Mysteries and Monsters. And we’re the monsters.

“Welcome to the Twilight Detective Agency, where Mr. Riverdale and Mr. Hawkstone will investigate your case for a nominal fee. To preserve their anonymity, all business will be conducted over the phone or via email. In our line of work, keeping our identities a secret helps us do a better job for you.

Please leave a message and a number where you can be reached after the beep.” –Twilight Detective Agency’s answering machine

Of course, there’s a reason that Mssrs. Riverdale and Hawkstone conduct their business anonymously: They aren’t human. They’re Gargoyles, supernatural creatures of the night bent on protecting humanity…for a price.

After all, Gargoyles have to eat– and pay their cell phone bills and shop online– just like everyone else.

In a cynical modern world of the night, our heroes, much to the annoyance of their elders, move through humanity’s doings, their presence felt but not seen, facing the world one case at a time.  From the simple to the supernatural, there’s no case too big or too small for the Twilight Detective Agency.

Main Characters

The older brother of the Twilight Detective Agency duo, Riverdale channels his passion to help humanity while wondering all the while what it’s like to BE human.
Riverdale loves sunshine! Riverdale loves pants and music too! Riverdale very sensitive! He speaks right from the heart. Riverdale loves youuuu! (To the tune of “Code Monkey” by Jonathan Coulton)
The younger, more serious and logical brother of the Twilight Detective Agency gargoyles, Hawkstone is a big monster in a small, fragile human world. Deep and witty if not wise, he and his brother Riverdale seek to know the world of humanity better by living in it, though they must do it secretly.

4 thoughts on “Twilight Detective Agency

  1. Hey guys I just got the first issue of Twilight Detective Agency, at the Emerald City Comic Con. I was the guy that got the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Button and with the family all dressed in Turtle Garb! I loved the idea and concept of the comic, however I just wish that the story could be drawn out a little bit longer. It was a super fast read, I did enjoy it and the art was great. I liked the setting of the story, I liked the characters, it just left me wanting more. It was a pleasure to meet you guys on Saturday, and hope to see and hear from you guys in the future!

    P.S. Is there anyway I can some how get the first few issues of Diaperman, the story sounds fun and you didn’t seem to have any single early issues on the table.
    Thank you Guys!!!

    Brian Burns

  2. Hi Brian! The early issues of Diaperman are all collected in the Diaperman Graphic Novel, available through and — Diaperman started as a webcomic so he doesn’t have his early adventures in single issues. However, starting with issue #13, there are single issues– and it’s perfectly okay to start with that one!

    Diaperman in PRINT on IndyPlanet:

    Diaperman DIGITAL on IndyPlanet:

  3. Hello! I’m Marcelo from I’d love to list your comics on my site. Not sure how to contact you as I don’t see a contact on your site. Please email me at my email address and we can speak further.

    looking forward to hearing from you!
    – Marcelo

  4. Hey got the first issue at Calgary comic con and it’s pretty good

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