The Spanker

PrintThe popular anti-hero has paddled off into his own comic! Mistakenly viewed as a hero due to a spanking mishap in a department store, the Spanker is recruited against his will into the Family Force Four– a values-oriented superteam comprised of the Spanker himself (in his guise as Socially Responsible Man), Self-Esteem Girl, Timeout Lad, and Coddle the Hug Monkey.

Spanker’s prior villainy is pooh-poohed as a shadowy agency attempts to make him over into a role model for safe, mindless “family values.” Can the solipsistic smacker turn the tables on his controlling captors? And with a special guest appearance by his archnemesis, Diaperman, can he escape unscathed?

To order The Spanker in PRINT or DIGITAL COMICS online through IndyPlanet, please follow this link:  The Spanker at IndyPlanet


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