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Buy Me a Coffee, Wiki Wiki Wow

Silly title today– just enough to capture the essence of the couple of new things I want to talk about.  If you look to the right, on the column that goes down the side, you’ll see this new button:  “Buy Me A Coffee.”  It’s a really cute set-up from the folks at that helps artists and creative folks accept contributions once in a while in a spur-of-the-moment, don’t-tie-me-down way without having to commit large sums to a Kickstarter or monthly amounts to a Patreon (though you can do that, too). Feel like contributing to a Canadian Independent Comic Creator today?  Simply click on “Buy Me A Coffee” and donate whatever you wish! (Full disclosure: I will probably actually buy at least one coffee if you contribute. Creativity needs fuel, after all!)

I’m also really pleased to announce the inclusion of Two Gargoyles on the Canadian Independent Comic Book Wiki.  These folks — and you can follow them on Twitter as @cancomicswiki — are doing great things to increase awareness of, and build a stronger presence for, Canadian-created indie comics. I’ve already listed my whole library on there, and will be adding character bios for all my characters once I begin receiving the art for each character from the incredibly talented Jeremy Thew. (Hint: the Buy Me A Coffee button helps with that, too!)

I’m very excited about the work I’m doing with Two Gargoyles in 2017. I think this is the year where I go “next level” and learn more, do more, create more, and most importantly, get the work out to more people. I’m really looking forward to having you all on the journey with me.


Preview of Gloaming 3

Work in progress for Gloaming 3, with art by Kyle Burles, written by Michael McAdam.

Doug Carter flees through the woods at night as though Hell itself is hard on his heels… and maybe it is!

Have you read Gloaming yet?  If not, or if you have and want a refresher, start with Issue One right here:

Interested in supporting Indie Comics?  Two Gargoyles Comics has a Patreon Page (where Patreons get to see the ENTIRE page preview and not just one panel!) at:


I mentioned how I was inspired by the amazing Graphic Novel, “Love is Love,” right?  Well, here for Valentine’s Day is a special two-page adventure starring Thunder and Code Monkey from my comic, “THUNDER,” in support of the Love is Love movement.  Couldn’t get it coloured in time for Valentine’s, but a coloured version IS coming!

SPECTRUM #1 Debut!

“We’re all here because we’ve identified as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.  But that’s really only the first step.  There’s an entire spectrum to our identities…which is why our symbol is the rainbow.” –Spectrum #1

Two Gargoyles Comics is proud to present to you all the first page of Spectrum, our LGBT-focus superhero comic!

Richie Sorensen is a young man who is just getting ready to come out, and is seeking a greater understanding of himself as a young gay man.  But just as he’s introducing himself to the community, his life changes as he suddenly gets superpowers!  As if high school, friends, and family weren’t enough to figure out..!

This comic is about the search for identity within the gay community.  The struggles for coming out are not what they once were– but while there may be more freedom to explore one’s identity, there are other challenges such as “Where do I fit in to all this?”  Explore with us, and find your place on the rainbow’s spectrum!

Click here to start reading!



Hello, Punch!

I’ve received some fanmail and some fanart from people who really liked Mr. Punch, the mage from Twilight Detective Agency.  That’s awesome– feedback of any kind is always cool, but when people take the time to write that they really like a character, that just sends me over the moon.

Naturally, of course, Mr. Punch must therefore have his own comic.  That is in the works even as I write this.

However, comics take time to create– this ain’t a big huge comics company with fast turnaround!  And so, while the process proceeds, I thought:

“Why not make mini-comics to let people get to know the new character?”  Sort of a serialized strip that takes less time per page than a full comic?  A visual, literary appetizer, if you will?

Thus the idea of “Hello, Punch!” : an ongoing webcomic with Punch mini-adventures to give you more of the character you loved in TDA, and also to introduce him to new readers prior to the launch of his solo title.

Art on “Hello, Punch!” will be provided by TDA artist Jeremy Thew, and will be appearing soon on this site!

And I’m not stopping there.  I’ve also written a “Hello, Thunder!” comic too, to keep the Canadian Super-Hero awesomeness going between issues for my Big Canadian Super Dude.  The first story is “A Code Monkey Christmas.”

Below is a partial shot of the first page of Punch’s script!

Stay tuned!


THUNDER #5 Debuts This Week!

THUNDER issue #5 debuts on this week on THUNDER THURSDAY!
Art by Myk Emmshin, colours by Levy Ramirez, words and lettering by Michael McAdam.
Very excited to show this next stage of Thunder’s adventures with an all-new art team!
Behind the scenes, there have been a few changes. Due to the departure of the former artist, the character of Wor has had to be renamed Korun and made slightly different. This is why it’s very important to have a contract between creators before you start a project, folks!
That being said, don’t worry about the flavour of the book changing too much– think of it as another actor stepping in to fulfill the same role in your favourite TV series. (Hey, it worked for Doctor Who and Bewitched!)
Can’t wait for Thursday to see what you all think!

First “Lil’ Wings Playschool” image!

lilhawkandrivComing in 2017, Two Gargoyles Comics is announcing LIL’ WINGS PLAYSCHOOL, a comic for younger readers starring your favourite Two Gargoyles characters– as kids!

In a similar vein to the popular “Lil’ Archie” comics, “Lil’ Wings” will introduce younger readers to the characters before they were heroes, where the whole world revolves around home and playschool!  Created with humour and heart, for readers of all ages.

Meet the two lil’ Gargoyles who live in the school attic!  Lil’ Hawkstone and Lil’ Riverdale are eager to make new friends with the new kids at school!

Watch for further updates about Lil’ Wings Playschool on or follow us on Twitter – !


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