COLOSSUS has arrived!

ColossusHey folks, some of you already know about our infamous “Superhero ABC’s” poster– guess the hero by looking at their groin!  It’s our tongue-in-cheek way of parodying the sexualization of comic heroes– and we thought we’d start with the guys, to give the super-heroines a break for once!

We thought, “Why not more than just posters?  Let’s bring these heroes HOME.”  And thanks to the good folks at Redbubble, we’ve made products featuring each individual groin!  We began with Batman and Superman, added Robin and Lion-O, and we’ve just released COLOSSUS himself!  Pillows, tote bags and more!  Cuddle up with your favorite package today!

Colossus (and others) will be available at our table at Emerald City Comic Con, March 27-29!

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