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Diaperman 1-9

3 thoughts on “Diaperman 1-9

  1. You where naughty boy!

  2. Well now I have to know if you came up with that incantation yourself or if it’s an allusion to something. It’s too funny. One thing I wonder about from this page is if becoming The Spanker has allowed Mark to finally act out his own beliefs or whether the Paddle itself takes those feelings of domineering others within whomever wields it and amplifies them further. In the latter situation, the Paddle could almost be seen as a character in of itself, simply using Mark to achieve it’s own ends. This brings up a whole bevy of possibilities, such as Michael’s Soother or any other artifacts simply using the heroes and villains to act out their own philosophical agendas.

    1. I came up with the incantation myself, but it was inspired by the transformation poems of Archie Comics’ “Captain Hero” aka Jughead when he transforms. As for the Paddle and the Soother, let’s just say they recognize those of “like” energy and enhance them with their own mystical power.

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