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Diaperman #13 Page 11

2 thoughts on “Diaperman #13 Page 11

  1. I feel like I need a bit more context for the trials of Essinem here. I know what Weetabix is, but the grammar bit and the ping-pong ball test have me scratching my head. Also, cool design for Essinem. He certainly won’t be out of place at a local leather party. I do like narrative-wise that as a spirit of dominance and fear, by Mark confronting his fears through facing Essinem, he is redefining himself and solidifying his reasoning for wanting to dominate others. Also, despite the titular hero of this series literally wearing a diaper, I do believe that Mark has soiled his pants more than any other character in this series (not that I’m complaining of course).

  2. Mike Rieger hates poor grammar. Therefore, his character The Spanker was subjected to intentionally poor grammar as a means of torture. The Ping Pong Ball test involved him shooting ping pong balls into a cup without using his hands. I’ll leave it to your imagination. And yes, it’s one of my favorite jokes that Mark has soiled himself more than Diaperman has.

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