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Diaperman #13 Page 18

2 thoughts on “Diaperman #13 Page 18

  1. What I like about this page is that it takes the Batman trope of Bruce Wayne’s parents’ deaths as a motivation for him to be a hero and reveals just how such an experience can actually send a person down the opposite path. Both Spanker and Batman are literally vigilantes who honestly believe they are fighting for what’s best for the world. This is brilliant when you also consider the parallels between Diaperman and Dick Grayson’s Robin, who fought for justice from a much more innocent standpoint in comparison. Despite this story’s nature as a parody to certain comic book tropes, it does delve into deeper issues such as the nature of fighting for justice and when does one become too jaded to even recognize what is justice anymore.

  2. A villain never believes he’s a villain; he sees himself as the hero.

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