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Diaperman #14 Page 1

One thought on “Diaperman #14 Page 1

  1. I absolutely love Mike Rieger’s art for this series, but I am eternally grateful Jeremy Thew has had the opportunity to work on these characters. His art style not only captures these characters’ form but their mentality and emotions perfectly as well. Being able to read this issue with Jeremy’s art, Mike’s coloring, and Michael’s writing shows is the literary equivalent of being a kid in an ice cream shoppe who just received a sundae with all the fixings.

    Alright enough gushing from me. Story-wise, it was a good idea to feature all the characters in the opening shot. It allows the reader to instantly pick back up from issue 13. Spanker and Black Whip are literally dividing our heroes attention, paving out the full on fracas that is about to emerge in the following pages. Also, nice touch with Spanker expressing a touch of regret before putting Diaperman over his knee. After reading last issue, it’s gratifying to know the emotions Spanker is working through to achieve his goals.

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