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Diaperman #14 Page 10

2 thoughts on “Diaperman #14 Page 10

  1. And we get our first look at the newly redesigned Mrs. Dean! The Black Whip may have caught Sleepers’ eye, but we all know who his true #1 girl is. ???? We also get our first glimpse at Mr. Bruce Furlee as well. I’ve looked at his name from every angle and if there’s a pun hidden in there then I have yet to find. Any hints Mr. All-Knowing Author?

    Also, I do believe that the pages are misnumbered here. This page is labeled as #10 when I do believe that it should be #9 and all the following page numbers should be minus 1.

  2. Mr. Furley was the landlord in the later seasons of Three’s Company after the Ropers left the show, and he was played by Don Knotts. It’s a “Nosy Neighbour Who Always Suspects Gay Hijinks” reference.

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