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Diaperman #14 Page 15

2 thoughts on “Diaperman #14 Page 15

  1. Damn, you tell him Harry! As I said regarding issue 13, it is wonderful to see a masculine character like Harry own his babyish behavior with pride. It’s especially important because while Diaperman is coming from a society (the tribe of Hug’gee) where being childish is accepted, Harry grew up in a society that parallels our own. That means that his choice to embrace his infantile side in lieu of societal expectations is all the more powerful. Once again, despite this comic being a parody, in between the jokes there are moments that truly require the audience to stop and think about the impact of what’s being said.

    On a less serious note, we get another peek into Harry’s room. This is probably its cutest iteration yet, although there are a noticeable absence of duckies. ????

  2. The duckies are all being washed. Harry keeps immaculate duckies.

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