Daring. Dashing. Diapered.

Diaperman, along with his best friend and trusted companion Sleepers, strive to make the city of Megopolis free of the controlling influences of such villains as the Spanker, a rubber-clad ne’er-do-well with a penchant for paddling, and the Black Whip, a demented dominatrix who craves subservience from her minions at the tip of her whip! Other fetishistic characters make up the setting of the city of Megopolis, leaving it up to Diaperman, the Padded Paladin, to fight for justice in his own unique and soggy way.

Diaperman focuses on poking fun at the superhero industry by making all the heroes and villains into fetishists in a humorous way; they aren’t aware of what they are, and the rest of the world shakes its collective head as they pass by. Jokes and innuendo suitable for an audience from the late teens on up!

Main Characters

Michael Adamson/Diaperman
Raised from infancy in the hidden jungle monastery of the Monks of Hug’Gee, Diaperman, aka Michael Adamson, is a pacifistic hero, a Padded Paladin fighting for peace and the childlike innocence of all — despite being misunderstood by that same “all.”

Harry Dean/Sleepers
A University athlete who lives alone with his mother, Harry Dean is loyal, kind, happy and good– a puppy in human form. When he meets Michael Adamson, little does he know that Michael is secretly Diaperman, and that he eventually will become his subby sidekick, Sleepers! The Subby Sidekick, the Mighty Momma’s Boy, Sleepers is so gosh-darn happy to be side-kicking it with Diaperman, believing that he is honestly making the world a better place. And because Sleepers is so good, so innocent, so..utterly free of the burden of intelligence, he actually is!

Dr. Lazarus
Doctor Lazarus is the Super-Scientist who, while on sabbatical in South America, discovered the hidden monastery of the Monks of Hug’Gee– and brought Diaperman back to civilization with him. Part father figure, part mentor, part babysitter, Doc L always has days where he wonders if he shouldn’t have just stayed home.

Straight Arrow
Ralph Furlee, lives across the street from Harry Dean, is secretly the Straight Arrow– mentor to boys in need! In this case, Diaperman and Sleepers. Uncomfortable with feelings, nevertheless his arrows strike true!

Mark Richter/The Spanker
The everyday identity of the sinful Spanker, Mark Richter believes in order and discipline to the point of painful enforcement; haughty and German, he has no time for frivolity or foolishness. Realizing that only he can save the world from its own chaotic, selfish nature, The Spanker has chosen to lay the smack down on all those that will not get with the plan. Assume the position!

Lise Arsenique/The Black Whip
Vicious dental hygienist by day, demure dominatrix by night! The Black Whip is a girl who knows what she wants and how to get it…by making men get it for her. Did I say men? You’re not off the hook, ladies. She dominates anyone.

10 thoughts on “Diaperman

  1. was wondering if you will be at San Diego Comic Con in July?

    1. Hi Donnie! We don’t have plans to be at that show, but Diaperman is available to order through indyplanet.com in print or digitally at indyplanetdigital.com !

      Our next public appearance will be at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, in Calgary, April 26-28. Just three weeks away!

  2. Do you have a facebook fan page? Will you make more diaperman comics?

    1. Hi James! Two Gargoyles Comics has a facebook fan page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Two-Gargoyles-Comics/118723674822219 and that includes Diaperman and all our other comics!

      Yes, we have plans for all-new Diaperman coming soon! Stay tuned!

  3. LOVED this comic! I love your cheeky humor and sexual innuendo. By the way, are you guys on twitter by any chance?

    1. Argh! Thank you for reminding me of something I meant to do! We now have a twitter account — follow us on Twitter under the name “Twogargs”! https://twitter.com/Twogargs

  4. I love Diaperman comics! I would like to see him have a accident?

    1. Well Jeff, that would be just about every issue of Diaperman there is! Check out the links for all our Diaperman comics– and our great other work too– at on Indyplanet!

  5. Is there plans for more Diaperman comics? I love this series. 🙂

  6. Heya!

    How are things going on your end? I didn’t hear back from you last week, and I was just wondering if you received all 4 pictures of Diaperman and the gang, and if everything was ok? Anywho, hope things are going well.


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