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  1. Pen says:

    What a fantastic way to ring in the new year! It’s so great to see the entire Two Gargs Crew together in one picture. Who says Marvel is the only one who can pull off a crossover? ????

    Cody Conyer’s art is brilliant here. Everyone has unique body types that are doing an amazing job of visually revealing a lot about the cast’s characterizations and personalities. I particularly love how stoic Hawkstone looks, while Riverdale is totally taking the opportunity to flex his wings for the camera (that boy just can’t pass up an opportunity to vogue, can he?) ???? Diaperman and Sleepers looks adorable as always, but Cody’s style actually gives them a bit of an edge that I am really liking. Speaking of adorable, Richie looks so young here and eager to take his place among the rest of the crew, while Mr. Punch is his usual beautiful blend of mysterious and mischievous peeping out from the brim of his trademark top hat. Doug and Max are well placed in the back, with Doug forever bearing his tired yet determined glare, while Max actually looks kind of cute. A big, slightly off-putting cutie, but a cutie nevertheless. ???? Lastly, Spectrum stands proud in front of the crowd, ready to face the new year head on.

    To bigger and better things, Happy New Year! ????????

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