punchcolorbgIt’s “Self-Promotion Sunday” here at Two Gargoyles— with Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start looking for gift ideas for family and friends!  May I present Mr. Punch, the mage from Twilight Detective Agency, for your delectation and enjoyment!  Looking devilishly handsome, Mr. Punch asks “Are you intrigued?”

If the answer is yes, he’s available as a poster, pillow, travel mug, leggings and more!  Check him out on Redbubble and order now in time for the holidays!  Also, there are great items starring other Two Gargoyles characters such as Thunder and Riverdale, be sure to give those a looksee!

And let’s not forget the great “ABC’s of Superheroes” Groins & Boobs available on Society6!

Happy Shopping, and a tip ‘o the hat to you!


2 thoughts on “MR. PUNCH on REDBUBBLE!

  1. Was wondering if you might be interested in show casing your books at our very unique winter wonderland expo in December let me know if you’re interested.and I will send you more info.

    1. Sounds fascinating! Drop me a line at with more details!

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