New “CAST” Feature!

Hey, Gargeteers!  I’m really excited to tell you guys about our new CAST feature here at Two Gargoyles!

Up on the top nav bar (see image example below), you should see a new link that reads “CAST.”


If you click on it, it will take you directly to our CAST page where every one of our characters is described for you, complete with headshot and mini-bio!



BUT THERE’S MORE!  Any time you’re reading any of our comics online, right underneath the graphic are the headshots of that comic page’s characters– simply mouse over any one of them to have their mini-bio pop-up!  Never forget the names of the characters again, MOM.  (Those of you who have moms know damn well what I’m talking about.  You feel me.)


Huge thanks to Mike Rieger, the “under the hood” webjockey here at Two Gargoyles.  He set up all the back end and cropped countless headshots. All biography dialogue was written by yours truly.

Enjoy– and please, invite your friends to subscribe to by clicking the RSS link on the bottom right of the page! (or the one I just gave you.  That one will do nicely, too.)

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