August 31, 2016


I’ve made a promise to myself that I will now begin to make posts every Wednesday, to connect with my readers and keep you all abreast on what’s happening in the Twogargs world!

The indie comics world (at least for Twogargs) is never static; there’s always something going on!  Books are being either written, drawn, inked, colored or lettered before being published; merchandise is being created and produced in an effort to subsidize the aforementioned books; conventions are being attended to promote the books and the brand: fighting for that all-important recognition in a sea of talent and creativity.

It’s a rush.  There’s really no other way to put it.  Each time something gets completed, I feel like an actor who’s rehearsed for weeks, finally getting that two minutes of applause at the end of that night’s show: it makes it all worth it.

I have two “current” books:  The second issue of my horror comic, Gloaming, is complete and indeed is available to read online (one new page per week) on the site: to start at the beginning.  (If you haven’t yet read the first issue, then start at )

The second is Spectrum, an LGBT teen superhero comic.  I wanted to debut this at Pride-Con this year but a) the con was cancelled and b) I couldn’t get it coloured in time.  What I did do is create a special “convention preview” issue, all in black and white, to introduce folks to the comic while waiting for the colour version to come out.

Those black and white issues are only available from me at conventions; once the colouring (done by the fabulous Gav Heryng — is done, I will begin to publish the pages here on the site just as I do for all my other comics.

However, my Patrons get to see a sneak preview of the comic!  If you haven’t considered supporting indie comics before, this would be a great way to start– for as little as a dollar a month you can see the first three pages of the comic, plus more in-progress behind-the-scenes stuff every month! Check out !


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