Nenshi Selfie
Mayor Nenshi poses with celebrity Comic Expo guests!

Wow.  The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo was such a whirlwind weekend we’re still trying to process it all!

This year it was four days instead of three; there was a definite sense from the attendees of being grateful for the extra day in order to have time to see everything!  For us exhibitors, it took some getting used to:  Many of us were zombies on the Saturday as our bodies tried to convince us it was Sunday, and yet on Sunday we felt renewed and had extra energy!

Sales were brisk, and once again Twilight Detective Agency #1 sold out, telling us that Calgary sure loves its gargoyles!

Gargoyles fridge magnets were a hit, so look for another series of them coming out soon.

Debuting at this convention was Gloaming #1, written by Michael McAdam with art by Kyle Burles!  Our first foray into the Horror genre, it was well received by the crowd— very encouraging for both writer and artist!

Thunder issues 1-4 were available with #4 being new to the Calgary crowd; we were pleased to see readers return to get their next issue fix of our half Norse God half Canuck superhero! Artist Dean Meek is always pleased to hear of fans enjoying Mister Thunder.

Taking a moment to sing the praises of Jeremy Thew, artist on TDA and so many of the Twogargs promotional materials:  Jeremy flew up from Seattle to be at the convention, and it was his first time having a print book at the table!  We noticed it led to a lot of original sketch commissions— from Friday to Sunday all he did was draw!  The man is a MACHINE.  Jeremy is available for commissions via email as well— allow us to point you towards his DeviantArt account, his Tumblr, and you can also follow him on Twitter!  Affectionately termed “Jeremonkey” (a name he gave himself), all we can say is “Go Monkey, Go!”

As ever, being surrounded by the deluge of creative people and the colourful displays was inspiring and gave us ideas for the next convention, so we could be bigger and better!  It’s always such a rejuvenation to the creative spirit to come to these shows.  Twogargs would like to thank the folks at the #calgaryexpo , and the fans and readers who came by our table, for making it all fantastically worthwhile!  Bless you all!

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