Now that the furor has died down after the convention and we’ve managed to unpack (mostly), let me just say that our first showing at Emerald City was– stellar.  Unexpectedly so.  We managed to get our table very last-minute (we were put on a waiting list early on and managed to sneak in just under the wire)!

The size of the show was fantastic.  They had doubled in size from last year, when Jeremy and Michael attended as congoers.  This year, there were TWO major dealer’s rooms, TWO Artists’ Alleys, and it was difficult just to figure out how to get to the table for setup!  This, however, is a great problem to have as more space=more folks to fill it!

We debuted Gargoyles series fridge magnets on the table as an eyecatching device and it succeeded beyond our wildest expectations.  People were coming up to the table, sharing their love of Gargoyles the TV show, talking about watching it after school or in University or with their kids, and this of course naturally segued into conversations about Two Gargoyles’ newest comic, Twilight Detective Agency.

Also a delight was Diaperman– in Seattle, people  seemed to intrinsically understand that Diaperman was meant to be ridiculous– other audiences have sometimes found the premise confusing.  The best comment was when a reader picked up the comic, looked through it, and exclaimed in apparent joy:  “This is RIDICULOUS!” and then bought the entire collection.  Right on, Mr. Reader, right on!

Jeremy had a button maker and did very well with his custom art buttons– taking commissions at the table, and making people a button of whatever character they wanted, along with his incredibly well-drawn convention sketches.

We will definitely be returning to this show– we already bought our table!  A big thank you to Emerald City and a shout-out to all the fans and readers that supported us! We love you guys!


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