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Up and Away!

This is just to announce to all our readers out there that the completed script for THUNDER issue four is now in the hands of talented artist Dean Meek, with a release target date of EDMONTON EXPO, September 28-29, 2013!  Now that Two Gargs is showing at THREE conventions a year (Seattle, Calgary and Edmonton), we have a much clearer idea of when we need our books to come out!

2013 has had a very promising start for us, and there’s nothing like early success to get (and keep) the creative juices flowing.  Naturally, we couldn’t do it without readers!  Thanks so much for joining us!  Now everyone go and tell two friends!

4 thoughts on “THUNDER #4 SCRIPT COMPLETE!

  1. Aside from IndyPlanet, is there a way to purchase issues one through three?

  2. The two best ways currently are IndyPlanet or seeing us at a show; our next show will be the Edmonton Expo. We are also looking to expand our online printed comic sales through other venues as well. Did you know they’re also available digitally through IndyPlanet?

  3. I’m wondering the same. I have tried ordering Thunder #4 via IndyPlanet, but it seems I need an iPad or Android device to receive the order. Is there any way to download the issue to my computer?

    1. I wasn’t aware that IndyPlanet Digital had that restriction– you’d have to ask them, unfortunately. Thanks for letting me know the problem, though, I will be looking at other sources to make the books available digitally.

      Any chance you’ll be at the Edmonton Expo at the end of September?

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