Iron Man Month

damp-knight-r1September was Iron Man Month here at Two Gargoyles Comics.  Three weekends in a row, three shows.  Calgary Red & White Expo, Saskatoon Expo, Edmonton Expo.

I’m lucky I still know my own name!

I was very happy to connect with comics fans from all over Alberta, and indeed Canada as well; special highlights were: a Diaperman fan who had already bought the digital graphic novel wanting the print version and the Damp Knight poster; special requests for my Superhero ABC’s playing cards (a deck of 52 superhero boobs and groins)!

It’s also a huge thrill to connect with other creators and do comic trades!  I was privileged to be introduced to Andrew Lorenz’s Canadian Corps, Kyle Fast’s Jynx, and Molly “Jakface” Nemecek’s Woo Hoo.  Getting feedback on my work from other creators is just as important as getting it from readers, but has its own thrill because it’s from people that understand what you have to do to get your work out there.  Squee! Thrilling!

The Edmonton Expo was superbly run, as always– I have great trust and faith in the Calgary/Edmonton/Saskatoon Expo brand– although sales were quite low; I heard many folks citing Alberta’s depressed economy as the reason for this, but when I compare the financial side of the show to the networking side of the show, I still view it as having come out ahead.

I’m looking forward to a bit of a break before November’s Calgary Expo Holiday Market (your chance to pick up Christmas gifts for the nerd in your family– or for yourself!); it gives me a chance to process the post-convention waves of inspiration and get back to writing the next instalments of my comics titles.

But for right now, I’m looking forward to recuperating!  I’ll be adding some new merchandise to the site in the near future, so watch for that– there’s always a way to get Two Gargoyles merch and books even if you can’t make it to a show I’m at!


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