Post-Con, Pre-Con

img_2153Back from Saskatoon Expo and now, getting ready for… Edmonton Expo!

This weekend marks the final convention of my “Iron Man” month of conventions, 3 back-to-back weekends!  So far, I’m still standing, but if on the Sunday of Edmonton Expo I seem to be slurring my words and wobbling in place, I hope you’ll understand.

I’m at Artist Alley Table F10 this weekend in Edmonton!

Saskatoon was a nice show.  Not as crowded as Calgary or Edmonton, it nonetheless had over 15 000 attendees– no small number!  I remember when the largest convention in Calgary hosted 700 and we thought that was a huge number!

New audiences are a funny thing; it can be hit or miss until they get to know you and your work, so this being my first show in Saskatoon I’d have to say that for me it was a miss.  But the lesson is to keep trying, to give your audience a chance to know you.  On the plus side, I met some new artists and comic creators and we swapped books– which is lovely, getting to know someone else’s work while sharing your own!  Gives me the tinglies.

Looking forward to sharing a table with Jeremy Thew this weekend, as he’s flying up from Seattle to spend the weekend at the con, meet-and-greeting his fans and making new ones!

Kyle Burles, Mike Rieger, Lisa Redfern and the usual crew from Artists Alley Network Canada will all be in attendance as well.  If you’re an exhibitor in Canadian Artist’s Alleys, join the Facebook group!

Hope to see you all in Edmonton!

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