Hey Folks!  Got some new products up on RedBubble— Including the first few offerings in our new SUPERHEROINE ABC’s!  We’ve got Power Girl and Wonder Woman boobs as well as your faves among the guys’ groins– Batman, Superman, and new:  WOLVERINE!

Today only, if you buy on RedBubble and use the code TREATME before 8pm, you get 20% off your order!!  As always, if we don’t have the groin or boob set from YOUR favorite superhero/ine up on the store, let us know and we’ll get that party started!

Can you name them all?  A, B, C...
Can you name them all? A, B, C…
Groin Products!

2 thoughts on “NEW MERCH! — and ON SALE!

  1. Batman instead of Beast?

    You need a version 2.0 with Hank McCoy instead. 😉

    1. Jeremy Thew (jeremy.thew (at) gmail dot com ) will create a custom groin for a small fee– email him directly to get the bulge you want! 🙂

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