Michael at the table

Michael at the table

What an amazing, fantastic, wonderful weekend #CalgaryExpo was!  Synopsis in one line:  “Best.  Show.  EVER.”  I exceeded previous sales records and that makes everything wonderful and worth it.

But that’s not all!  Meeting up with new and old friends, hearing complimentary feedback on my books, just makes everything peachy-keen-jelly-bean.

Major kudos to the Calgary Expo team; not only do they improve every year, they handle any obstacles with dignity, rapidity, and professionalism.  This show, you guys, THIS SHOW.  I heartily endorse EVERYONE to come experience it– and hey, Americans?  It’s in Canada. YOUR DOLLAR IS WORTH MORE (currently)!  Come on and spend them Yankee bucks!

The most major hit was the “ABC’s of SUPERHEROES” line of art prints:  Namely, famous superhero groins and boobs, from A-Z.  One can never predict whether one’s humorous gimmick will sell, and these didn’t sell at #EmeraldCityComicCon at all, but in Calgary they were BOOM.  GONE.  And that offset table costs perfectly.  Major thanks to all who enjoyed a giggle at our parody of comic book sexuality (drawn by the amazingly talented Jeremy Thew.)

Looking forward, the scripts for SPECTRUM #1 and GLOAMING #2 are in the hands of the artists (Jeremy Thew and Kyle Burles, individually), I’m working on adding more to the twogargs.com website, and updating our merchandise to reflect the popularity of our latest prints.  So many thanks to Jeremy for flying out to Calgary and working so hard at the table, to Kyle, Mike Rieger and Lisa Redfern for helpful feedback and tips; and to all the great folks in Artist’s Alley for being an inspiration.  You’re all part of the community; I feel proud to be part of your world.


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