The excellent folks at AdamMaleBlog were so intrigued by the Superhero Groin Pillows & poster at Bent-Con that they interviewed Michael and Jeremy for an article on their blog here.

Naturally, we’re over the moon to have created something that garnered some attention, and we hope to keep doing it!  As a side note to those of you who have seen the poster and supergroin-related merch at Redbubble, if you don’t see the individual superhero from the poster as its own individual merch yet, it’s because I’m waiting on requests; email me at michael (at) twogargs dot com (or use the handy contact form on our site) to specifically request your favorite herogroin from the poster as its own entity.

Big thanks to Jeremy Thew and Mike Rieger for making this art a reality, and big love to Lee and the folks at AdamMaleBlog for the interest!

Every Sofa looks better with superhero groins.


Have you heard of Bent-Con?  It’s a fantastic convention dedicated to LGBTQ creatives and their works!  From their website: “BENT-CON is the premiere convention that celebrates and recognizes LGBTQ (and Allies) contributions to pop-culture and geekdom. BENT-CON is committed creating a space where EVERYONE is safe to share and express their particular brand of creativity and fandom proud and out loud!”

Writer Michael McAdam and Artist Jeremy Thew will be there this upcoming weekend, November 7-9, at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel and Convention Center. Come say “hi” to us in the Exhibitor’s hall!

We’re super pleased to debut a fun new art piece at this con– Superhero ABC’s!  Starring– yes– the GROINS of famous superheroes!  All in one.. ‘ahem’ — package!  Art by Jeremy Thew, colors and formatting by the hardest workin’ man in art business, Mike Rieger!

Groin Products!

We wanted to have something fun to show at the con, so what better than posters, throw pillows and tote bags with an in-your-face design?  We also started a Redbubble store with these designs on pillows, travel mugs, stickers and more– we picked a few random designs for single pillows but if you want a particular pillow, just drop us a line!

Of course we’ll have our Gargoyles Magnets with us (available on our Etsy Store) and all our great comic titles (which you can purchase online via Indyplanet!)  Support creativity!  Support freedom!  If there’s one thing big super-groins need…it’s support!  Hope to see you all at Bent-Con!