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Post Calgary Expo and Back From Vacation!

Normally, I write about shows right after I do them– but in the case of Calgary Expo, I had to get ready for a week-long vacay to Orlando right afterwards, so I didn’t get a chance to register my thoughts until now!

The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo is, and continues to be, the best show I’ve ever done.  This show is the example to follow for any trade show in this genre; the organization, the execution, the follow-up: other shows should really take note.

CCEE attracted roughly 95,000 people this year, slightly down from last year’s 103,500 but this show has an amazing turnout every year.  This means traffic, more people seeing our work and a constant influx of potential new fans– fabulous.

One of the things I love is that, upon renewal, my table is in the same spot every year in Artist’s Alley, which means it has become a “regular spot” for fans of Two Gargoyles Comics to find me! That’s extremely helpful in a show this size– it’s large in there, and navigating back to a table after the initial look-see of the whole floor can be challenging. Kudos, CCEE.

Also, the organizing staff are really involved: Mary-Ann, the lady in charge of Artist’s Alley (and half a million other things) had a contact number printed on the back of our Exhibitor’s badges so we could contact her to resolve any issues, which was super convenient (like when another vendor started snagging people from the middle of the alley and lining them up in front of their table, blocking other vendors. That’s a no-no, folks)!

There was a moment of self-doubt (welcome to the mind of the indie comic creator!) when sales seemed dismal on Thursday and Friday– two days of slowness had me worried. I shouldn’t have, because sales picked up on Saturday and especially Sunday! It put me back on track to do as well as I had last year which, while not necessarily showing growth, is at least stable– and factoring in the lower attendance, I’d say that’s not bad at all!

Annoyances: Folks taking pictures of prints instead of buying a print. Jeremy had the most hilarious “Trump – Truly Outrageous” print this year, and if all the people that stopped to take a photo of it had bought it, it would have paid for his entire trip to Calgary. It’s hard to begrudge fans their admiration of one’s work, but when all that interest generates no cash sales, it’s kind of like “working for exposure”– something no artist ever wants to do. It’s a hard game to play– one wants people talking about one’s work, certainly! But if no one is buying it, then one is soon OUT of work.

This year, I felt more social media-savvy than before. Crossposting to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr simultaneously helps keep my audience engaged, and thanks to Mike Rieger telling me about a neat-o app called IFTTT, I was able to push ONE button and then get back to engaging in the real world instead of trying to juggle being on my phone vs. being present and “in the moment” with people who were walking by my table. It’s definitely something I feel takes some practice to master, which is one of the reasons why I love having Jeremy man the table with me- there is always someone to talk to who can help you with any questions you may have if I happen to be momentarily tapping away on my phone.

I made more of an effort to connect with other indie creators this time around; Chapterhouse Comics is rapidly becoming, in my opinion, the go-to folks for Canadian comics- Richard Comely’s Captain Canuck, Canada’s flagship hero’s presence is its crown jewel; I also spoke with Andrew Thomas of Auric of the Great White North and informed him that he is my archnemesis; his publishing, social and regular media, and Kickstartering game is way above mine and is therefore worthy of emulation (my archnemesis-ness is solely based on my jealousy of his awesomeness).

Although the physical rigours of the show itself are tiring, the inspiration of being surrounded by other creators is worth the price of admission; admiring their work, getting inspired to try new things both in my own work and in practical applications like upgrading my table display, realizing I need to put together a press package– (seriously, the Calgary Metro News did an entire article about Calgary creators AND I WAS NOT IN IT. That’s on me. It’s not enough to create stuff and then show up to represent it– you’ve got to let people know you exist. Still smacking my head for this one).

After all this glorious immersion in pop culture (during which I celebrated my birthday!), it was time for a vacation– so a couple of friends and I split to Orlando for a week to enjoy Universal Studios and Disney, which we did, most wholeheartedly to the point of blissful exhaustion. Now I’m back home, recuperating from the vacation but all the more recharged in my resolve to increase the awesomeness level of Two Gargoyles!

With your help, I know we can get the recognition increase that great comics like Thunder, Spectrum, Gloaming, Twilight Detective Agency and Diaperman deserve!

Onwards and upwards,




Hey folks!  This weekend, on Sunday March 12 from 10 am – 5pm, come see myself, Michael McAdam, and artist Kyle Burles at our shared table at the Red & White Comic & Toy Expo!

It’s a great one-day show, perfect for families, with comics, toys, artists, and costumes!  Always a good way to connect with the local pop culture scene on a smaller scale than a show that might be too crazy huge to be able to see everything– this one has one room, one location, one day! C’mon down and see us!


calgaryredandwhiteSo you remember how I was saying I have two shows back-to-back in September?  Well, now there’s THREE.

I will be exhibiting at the Calgary Red & White Expo this weekend on Sunday, September 11th.  Details are on the website at http://www.comicandtoy.ca/shows-list/2016/9/11/fall-comic-toy-expo !

It’s a one-day-only show, smaller and more intimate than the other Expo-type shows I exhibit at, but the great thing is that gives me more time to connect with fans and the fans, more time to browse without feeling hurried or rushed or intimidated by crowds.  It’s a real feel-good atmosphere for everyone and I always love being at this show!

I’m launching some new items this month, including copies of Gloaming #2, and a special convention edition of Spectrum #1!

Other new merchandise at the con will include:  Krampuspresso buttons, and a new corporate-logo button:  GARBUCKS.  That’s right, Gargoyles have taken over your local Starbucks and re-branded it.  If you like green apron coffee and supernatural creatures, you’ve simply got to stop by the Two Gargoyles table at the Expo.

And hey, remember your ABC’s– you know my Superhero Groins and Superheroine Boobs posters?  Well now, I’ve made a deck of playing cards– that’s right, playing cards– all 52 guy and gal parts now adorn a deck you can play with!

Also, don’t forget there will be scads of poster prints available as well as stickers and magnets!  Come on down and see– doors open at 10 a.m. and the show runs til 5!

Calgary Red & White Club Show!

michaelbaymaxAlthough it was a small, one-day show, the Calgary Red and White Expo was great for Twogargs’ sales!  Although larger shows may offer more traffic for Artist’s Alley, smaller, more intimate shows give one a much greater chance of connecting with one’s audience!  Sales were good, and having time and space to chat with fans and peers alike made this show a “must-do” for the future.  Already looking into next September’s show!

Highlights were:  sharing a table with Kyle Burles — he has such good energy and as the artist on Gloaming, adds an extra bit of oomph to sales (and fan discussions of ) our comic at the table.

There’s a definite community “feel” to the show; our group of friends have been attending it for years now– this was our first time exhibiting at it.  Familiar faces, veterans of the comic and toy collecting communties, and family events like a kid’s costume show (but seriously, guys, TURN DOWN YOUR MICROPHONE)!  It was a good feeling and a great way for kids to get a little break from the hubbub of “Back to School.”

My personal highlight?  I MET BAYMAX.  So there.


You may already be aware that twogargs.com is updating, going through some changes.  Part of the reason is that, starting today, Twogargs will be making its comics AVAILABLE FOR VIEWING ONLINE.  Yup, you read that correctly– there is now a “Comics Archive” link at the top of the home page that will take you to our comics page where you can read what you’ve been missing or re-visit old favourites!  I’ve started with Diaperman, the comic that started it all– I’m posting pages from the Complete Series Graphic Novel– including the writer/artist commentary written by me, Michael McAdam, and original artist Mike Rieger.

I’ll be posting a new page every day so you can follow along.  Also, there’s a series category for “Behind the Scenes” — in which one-shots like “Two Gargoyles Texting” will pop up every so often!  If you like randomness, you’ll like Behind the Scenes.

Onward and upward!



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