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Two Shows in September!

Hey, Gargeteers!

Are you ready for September?  Back to School, a flurry of activity–and no less so for Two Gargoyles, as we will be at TWO shows, back-to-back, in September!

Saskatoon Expo logo

Firstly, on September 17-18, Kyle Burles and I will both be at Saskatoon Expo for the very first time!  It’s always exciting to try a new show, meet new people, and exhibit our work for a new audience!  Looking forward to seeing what Saskatoon has to offer!  Look for Two Gargoyles at Table 1215 in Artist’s Alley!

Edmonton Expo logo

Then, the very next weekend, Jeremy Thew joins me at my table for Edmonton Expo!  Our friends Kyle, Lisa, Mike and Sara are all heading up to Artist’s Alley — Two Gargoyles will be at table F10!  Our friends are all a bit spread out this year, but that means you get to have more fun exploring the Alley to find them all!

September promises to be a very exciting month with these two shows so close to one another; it may be tiring but it definitely promises to be exciting as well!  And with two fabulous opportunities such as these, I sure hope to see you in September!



This weekend, September 26-28, 2014, Michael McAdam (writer) and Jeremy Thew (artist) will be at the Two Gargoyles table in Artist’s Alley, E09.  Look!  A handy MAP!

Us at Edmonton Expo 2014!

Us at Edmonton Expo 2014!

We’ll have THUNDER issues 1-4, GLOAMING, TWILIGHT DETECTIVE AGENCY, DIAPERMAN, as well as our popular Gargoyles magnet sets!  We’re also debuting some fun new things– Remember THE HARDY BOYS books?  We’ve made a Twilight Detective Agency case journal– a blank journal with our Gargoyle Gumshoes on the cover to keep your own notes in!  And hey, HOCKEY FANS– you think you know PUCK, the impish sprite from Gargoyles?  Well, he’s put together a hockey team and he’s challenging YOU to a game of shinny using one of our FIGHTING AVALON MOTHER PUCKERS pucks!  Limited supply, get ’em while they last!

Blank journals and Pucks!

Blank journals and Pucks!

We’ll be livetweeting from the show, so follow us on Twitter at @Twogargs!  Also feel free to leave comments on our Facebook Page — https://www.facebook.com/twogargs !  We’d love to meet you if we haven’t met before, and reconnect with friends and fans on the convention floor!  Come on by!



Hey there folks!  Edmonton Expo is on September 27-28 this year, and Two Gargoyles will be there again!  We’ll be in the artist’s alley at table E 02, and writer Michael McAdam and Seattle artist Jeremy Thew will be there representin’!  This will also mark Jeremy’s very first Canadian convention, so be sure to stop by the table and say “hi!”

We’ll have our books, featuring Twilight Detective Agency #1 which Jeremy drew as well as Thunder #s 1-3 drawn by Dean Meek!  If you haven’t read either book, now’s the time to jump aboard!  Of course, Jeremy and Michael are happy to sign the books as well!

Here’s a handy-dandy map to find us at the convention:

How to find us at Edmonton Expo 2013.
Edmonton Location

How to find us at Edmonton Expo 2013.

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