Hello, Punch!

I’ve received some fanmail and some fanart from people who really liked Mr. Punch, the mage from Twilight Detective Agency.  That’s awesome– feedback of any kind is always cool, but when people take the time to write that they really like a character, that just sends me over the moon.

Naturally, of course, Mr. Punch must therefore have his own comic.  That is in the works even as I write this.

However, comics take time to create– this ain’t a big huge comics company with fast turnaround!  And so, while the process proceeds, I thought:

“Why not make mini-comics to let people get to know the new character?”  Sort of a serialized strip that takes less time per page than a full comic?  A visual, literary appetizer, if you will?

Thus the idea of “Hello, Punch!” : an ongoing webcomic with Punch mini-adventures to give you more of the character you loved in TDA, and also to introduce him to new readers prior to the launch of his solo title.

Art on “Hello, Punch!” will be provided by TDA artist Jeremy Thew, and will be appearing soon on this site!

And I’m not stopping there.  I’ve also written a “Hello, Thunder!” comic too, to keep the Canadian Super-Hero awesomeness going between issues for my Big Canadian Super Dude.  The first story is “A Code Monkey Christmas.”

Below is a partial shot of the first page of Punch’s script!

Stay tuned!


TDA #2 Underway!

TDA #2 excerpt

This week’s Two Gargoyles update has a sneak peek at the script for Twilight Detective Agency #2!

When I write, the characters in my head are as real as if they’re in the room with me.  They’re more than just dialogue and action prompts; I think about what they’re wearing– like, how their clothes FIT.  What they’re thinking behind what they’re saying.  How they relate to each other, to the environment nearby, to the world at large.

In this scene, Riverdale is making a journal entry about his and Hawkstone’s ostracism from the Gargoyle community.  It’s a pretty big deal to him; he thrives on social interaction.  Riv needs people.  To someone like him, ostracism is straight-up torture.

There’s so much around that concept that won’t make it into the comic– maybe he took up yoga to try and distract himself from the loneliness?  Maybe he plays video games all day until it’s time to sleep?  Maybe he drives his brother insane with a constant need for interaction?  Those are all possibilities, each one a reality for the character– but my favourite thing as a writer is that even I don’t know which one will become part of the published story until I write it– and even then, it isn’t a sure thing until I re-read the script and edit it.

Writing is as much a journey for me as, I hope, the reader who sees the finished product and discovers the story for themselves.

See you next week!



RivcoffeeHi, Gargeteers!

The site has been refreshed, retooled and updated!  Now you can see the latest pages of posted comics, including a snazzy thumbnail of the page; navigate instantly to any page of any uploaded comic series!  Just use the drop-down menu on the right side of the page under “Comics,” and select the series you want; then on the following page, select “Jump To” to go to any part of the comic!

The menubar has been updated with the all-new, all-important SHOP option– now Two Gargoyles merchandise is just one “gimme dat!” button away– and with Christmas coming, fun comic booky stuff is available just in time for the special someone in your life– even if it’s you!

All of this is made possible by the talents of Mike Rieger of mikerieger.ca !  Major thanks for going “under the hood” and making things work!  Mike also made the sexy, snazzy new slider graphics at the top of the home page that talk about our comics!


You may have noticed that there’s now an update schedule at Twogargs! Every Monday there will be a new page of Gloaming, every Wednesday there will be a new page of Twilight Detective Agency, and every Saturday there will be a new page of Diaperman!  This will allow our fans to stay current and have their memories refreshed for our stories, as well as inviting new readers to get to know our comics and characters.  Please, do spread the word and invite your friends to come to twogargs.com for FREE comics!

Occasionally we will have a “Sunday FUNday” comic, our own Twogargs-related webseries “In The Wings,” a series of behind-the-scenes gags about our characters’ lives when they’re not actually “in character” in their own comics.  The newest one is up today!

I hope you’re all having a great weekend– and happy American Thanksgiving to our friends south of the 49th parallel!

Warm wishes,