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Gargoyles Reawakening Podcast ep. 17

I was recently asked to be a guest, for the second time, on the fantastic Gargoyles Reawakening Podcast.  Hosts Lisa and Karell are fantastic ladies, and asking myself and artist Mike Rieger to play off each other as guests just makes everything much more fun (for us, anyway!)

It should be pretty obvious by now that I hold Disney’s Gargoyles in very high esteem, since I named my comics company Two Gargoyles and I do a comic whose main characters are gargoyles– but just in case you didn’t know, Gargoyles is one of the best animated shows to come out of the 90’s. It remains a solid viewing choice to this day– if you haven’t seen it yet, oh man, have a gander at it (buying the DVD’s is actually better because they are not edited by Toon Disney, which chopped them up horribly).

We discuss the Season 1 episode, “Deadly Force,” and talk about story elements and fandom and whatever else comes into our minds. And you can actually SEE us as well as hear us, thanks to the magic of Skype.  Give us a listen, and if you enjoy, please subscribe to the podcast!

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And as an added bonus, here is myself (Michael McAdam) and Mike Rieger doing a promo spot at last year’s Edmonton Expo!

TDA #2 Underway!

TDA #2 excerpt

This week’s Two Gargoyles update has a sneak peek at the script for Twilight Detective Agency #2!

When I write, the characters in my head are as real as if they’re in the room with me.  They’re more than just dialogue and action prompts; I think about what they’re wearing– like, how their clothes FIT.  What they’re thinking behind what they’re saying.  How they relate to each other, to the environment nearby, to the world at large.

In this scene, Riverdale is making a journal entry about his and Hawkstone’s ostracism from the Gargoyle community.  It’s a pretty big deal to him; he thrives on social interaction.  Riv needs people.  To someone like him, ostracism is straight-up torture.

There’s so much around that concept that won’t make it into the comic– maybe he took up yoga to try and distract himself from the loneliness?  Maybe he plays video games all day until it’s time to sleep?  Maybe he drives his brother insane with a constant need for interaction?  Those are all possibilities, each one a reality for the character– but my favourite thing as a writer is that even I don’t know which one will become part of the published story until I write it– and even then, it isn’t a sure thing until I re-read the script and edit it.

Writing is as much a journey for me as, I hope, the reader who sees the finished product and discovers the story for themselves.

See you next week!



Hey Gargeteers!


Had a fantastic weekend in Lethbridge, Alberta with Kyle Burles at the Lethbridge Expo!

It was a great time with a fantastic venue– the Enmax Centre is an entire arena, with a great layout and lots of room to expand.  It was very cool to have the artist alley on the upper level overlooking the convention floor; it gave me the sense of knowing where everything was and being able to see the entire Expo all at once.  Too, being right near the entrance doors is a huge bonus for traffic!

I’d like to see this convention grow.  If you’re in Alberta, it’s totally within driving distance– and that works for BC, Saskatchewan, Montana, Idaho and Washington, as well!  Check out www.lethexpo.com and come give it a try next year!

Lethbridge Expo at the Enmax Centre

Lethbridge Expo at the Enmax Centre


You may already have seen pages from current comics updating on the site now– that’s right.  Two Gargoyles now updates THREE TIMES A WEEK — a new page of our horror comic Gloaming on Mondays, Twilight Detective Agency on Wednesdays, and Diaperman on Fridays.  It’s important to me that those of you who read this blog get to know the comics I write and get a chance to read ’em!  The hope, of course, is that you enjoy them so much you support them by purchasing what you like!

As a special treat, I’m uploading the VERY FIRST Twilight Detective Agency story, what we call “TDA #0,” which is the very first case our loveable gargoyles, Riverdale and Hawkstone, solve together.  Back when we first created TDA, it was a webcomic– the format is different and the character designs are very early concepts of the duo; art by Mike Rieger (who very much wishes you to understand that this is very old art and to not judge him for it. 🙂 )



Look for the site to have an update to its look and feel soon; thanks to the tender loving webcare of Mike Rieger, Two Gargoyles will have greater functionality, navigation and exciting new opportunities to get cool stuff!

What’s happening with Thunder?  Short answer: Fantastic things.  Thunder issue #5 is over half done, with the talented Myk Emmshin at the helm; amazing colouring by Levy Ramirez are giving the book a very polished, amazing feel.

But wait, there’s more– Thunder issues 1-4 are going to be gathered up into the very first THUNDER GRAPHIC NOVEL— with ALL NEW ART.  Yes, that’s right.  All 96 pages of art are going to be refreshed and made new!  In 2016 Two Gargoyles will be looking into Kickstarter or Patreon crowdfunding options to make that dream a reality, so if you’re a Twogargs fan, spread the word, bring people to the site and let them get to know our work!

In the meantime, please enjoy our new update schedule and look forward to the new things coming to you from Two Gargoyles Comics!

Previous Thunder 01, page 10

Previous Thunder 01, page 10

NEW Thunder 01, Page 10

NEW Thunder 01, Page 10


Halloween is our favourite time here at Two Gargoyles (and with mascots like ours, who could blame us?) and so Hawkstone and Riverdale teamed up with Thunder and Code Monkey to bring you a very special Halloween message!

Stay safe while collecting candy, be kind to black cats and Happy New Year to all the Witches out there!



Diaperman by Derek Mah

Diaperman by Derek Mah

Hi Folks– it’s the middle of the week here at Two Gargoyles, and some housekeeping is in order!

Firstly, although I’ve set the Diaperman Graphic Novel to post one page a day on the Comics Archive page, glitches happen– and I realized it had skipped a couple of days (maybe it was tired?).  Thus, today there are THREE new pages posted of your favourite diapered superhero (And really, if you know of any other diapered superhero currently in existence, I would be very surprised).  However, if you’re tired of waiting and want to see the entire graphic novel in its entirety (including artwork and covers not included in the daily posts) it’s available (digitally and in print) via the good folks at Indyplanet!

Secondly, I’ve ordered some new items from our Redbubble store— apparently the Superboobs and Supergroins continue to be popular.  Due to demand, I’ve started experimenting with Superboob T-shirts– notably, Wonder Woman (see and follow our Instagram for photo).  Man or woman, puff out your chest proudly with super-pride!  Now, the t-shirts are currently only available through Vistaprint and are special-order items.  I’m looking into finding a good quality vendor online where you can order your own, but until I do you’ll have to email me for an order (use the Contact Us page).

Garg Magnets, Set 1

Garg Magnets, Set 1

Thirdly, if you’ve seen the Two Gargoyles table at conventions, you’ll know that we do Gargoyles Magnets— if you haven’t seen them, they’re available on our Etsy Store, there are two series of magnets available!

Finally, you may have noticed an absence of THUNDER on Two Gargoyles lately, and at conventions.  Expect news about our half-Norse, half-Canadian, Super-Polite superhero later this week!

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