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The excellent folks at AdamMaleBlog were so intrigued by the Superhero Groin Pillows & poster at Bent-Con that they interviewed Michael and Jeremy for an article on their blog here.

Naturally, we’re over the moon to have created something that garnered some attention, and we hope to keep doing it!  As a side note to those of you who have seen the poster and supergroin-related merch at Redbubble, if you don’t see the individual superhero from the poster as its own individual merch yet, it’s because I’m waiting on requests; email me at michael (at) twogargs dot com (or use the handy contact form on our site) to specifically request your favorite herogroin from the poster as its own entity.

Big thanks to Jeremy Thew and Mike Rieger for making this art a reality, and big love to Lee and the folks at AdamMaleBlog for the interest!


Every Sofa looks better with superhero groins.


Two Gargoyles is venturing into new territory (for us) with our upcoming project, “Spectrum.”  Written by Michael McAdam and illustrated by Jeremy Thew, Spectrum is about a young man who is coming to terms with being gay at the same time as he gains superpowers.  In the past, comics have focussed on the coming out process, the sex, or gone right for the campy fun aspect of the gay community; SPECTRUM is about introducing the reader, through the eyes of its main character Richie Sorensen, to the entire rainbow of LGBT culture.

SPECTRUM will show as much of the slice-of-life of gay teens’ struggle to understand themselves, while parallelling those struggles with the hero’s (and heroine’s!) journey to realization of their full potential.

Get out your colorful costumes, and be prepared to find your best self along the rainbow road as you join the SPECTRUM!

Spectrum Page 1 WIP

Spectrum Page 1 WIP

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