THUNDER #5 Debuts This Week!

THUNDER issue #5 debuts on this week on THUNDER THURSDAY!
Art by Myk Emmshin, colours by Levy Ramirez, words and lettering by Michael McAdam.
Very excited to show this next stage of Thunder’s adventures with an all-new art team!
Behind the scenes, there have been a few changes. Due to the departure of the former artist, the character of Wor has had to be renamed Korun and made slightly different. This is why it’s very important to have a contract between creators before you start a project, folks!
That being said, don’t worry about the flavour of the book changing too much– think of it as another actor stepping in to fulfill the same role in your favourite TV series. (Hey, it worked for Doctor Who and Bewitched!)
Can’t wait for Thursday to see what you all think!

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